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Voice Systems Research (VSR) is a global leader in the development of integrated communications software. We produce software and systems that provide unified messaging, voice mail, advanced call routing, and IP-based telephony solutions. These products deliver high performance, scaleable computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions to networked-based and stand-alone enterprise business environments. Every day people are flooded with a variety of communications and information. As technology advances, the amount of information will continue to grow. VSR empowers you with the necessary tools to manage this growth by providing a simple, convenient and efficient method for managing who communicates, what medium is used and when information will be exchanged.

Product Overviews

BraVo II

BraVo II is a unique multilingual voice mail system designed specifically for small businesses. This compact, solid-state system incorporates leading edge technology, including digital signal processing (DSP) and flash memory, in an attractive case that can be mounted to your office wall quickly and effortlessly. Available in two and four ports, it offers a complete array of voice messaging features. It has a full auto attendant, multiple concurrent language capabilities, off-site notification, and fax tone detection. It supports up to 128 mailboxes and eight hours of recording time, and can be programmed either through a touch-tone telephone or a P.C. via a Windows-based GUI. BraVo II is unique and full featured, yet, a small and cost effective communications solution.

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CoVoiceCoVoice & CoVoice Express

COVoice and COVoice Express the innovative definition of true Computer Telephony (CT) offering full-featured CT voice processing solutions for Mitel's family of PBX switches, from the SX-50 to the SX-2000. The COVoice family of products provides you with powerful, intelligent, versatility in a variety of robust platform options, providing you with the opportunity to sit back and experience excellence.

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VoicentreVoicentre Express

The Voicentre products architecture is powerful, flexible and scalable. They deliver maximum performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility. Voicentre and Voicentre Express use the exact same software. All features are available on both hardware platforms. The differentiating factor is port capacity. Voicentre grows from 2 to 24 ports, while Voicentre Express is available in 2-12 port configurations only. These two platforms offer maximum feature performance to meet both cost and functionality demands. Voicentre and Voicentre Express are proven robust PC-based communication systems designed with you in mind.

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CommPoint is an intelligent NT-based communications solution. It's powerful architecture delivers a flexible, open, and scalable communications server. The system provides unified messaging, voice mail, advanced call routing solutions.

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Smart Queue for CommPoint

Smart Queue is a intelligent messaging announcement and content delivery package for call centers and hotels. The application provides an extensive array of features for the delivery of Information to callers, as well as call center agents and managers. Smart Queue is available as a stand alone application, a software add on to the CommPoint Unified Communications server or as an application residing on the PraireFyre CyberACD CD server. Smart Queue is scalable solution utilizing cutting edge advanced VoiceXML technology.

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