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Voice Technologies Group (VTG)

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About the Manufacturer
Since 1989, Voice Technologies Group (VTG) has dedicated itself to providing leading edge, well supported PBX integration technologies to the voice processing marketplace.

Product Overviews
VoiceBridge 2000
This ISA-based, digital set emulation board provides eight ports of access to Lucent, Mitel, Nortel, and Siemens PBX's. The VoiceBridge 2000 supports MVIP and SCbus connectivity and has a Software Developer Kit (SDK) available for several operating systems.

VoiceBridge PC Platform

Voice Technologies Group (VTG) has a comprehensive development program to create a family of industry-standard, PC board-level telephone integration products. Why the board-level approach? Our clients require a lower per-port integration cost, greater functionality and performance, as well as the ability to build integration inside the system chassis during the initial manufacturing process. VoiceBridge-PC answers each of these requirements. VoiceBridge-PC incorporates a standard API and driver interface that supports all of our versions. VoiceBridge-PC works with DOS, OS/2, UNIX as well as Microsoft operating systems.

VoiceBridge Series II
The VoiceBridge II family of PBX integration products allow your systems to fully integrate to AT&T, Rolm, SL-1, Meridian 1, Neax 2400, Ericsson, and Mitel PBX switches. New VoiceBridge Series II versions that your company may not have tried as yet include the fully-digital Meridian 1 Inegration Unit (for NT's Option 11, 21, 51, 61, 71 as well as Meridian-SL1 switches), the Ericsson Integration Unit (for all MD-110 switches), and the Mitel Integration Unit (for both SX Analog & SX Digital PBX's). Using digital set emulation and standard SMDI protocol, the VoiceBridge Series II manages all calls from the PBX to the voice processing system, providing both called and calling party identification.

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