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Top 3 Voice Mail Systems Top 3 Voice Mail Systems
Alphabetic - Best by Application
Power House
 • Active Voice Kinesis
 • Amanda @ Portal
 • CallWare Callegra.UC

 • Active Voice Repartee UC/LX
 • Amanda @ WorkGroup
 • ATT (MacroVoice) Futura

Best Value
 • Avaya Octel 50 / 100
 • DuVoice DV2000
 • Telekol TVM 2002 / 2004

 • InnOvation InnLine 2020
 • VSR CoVoice
 • EZ Hotel/Motel
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Industry Outlook

Dispatch Industry
The best product for your Dispatch operation will depend on its own unique requirements.

Education K-12 Industry
Review common features created specifically for faculty, staff, and students in the Education K-12 Industry.

Hotel/Motel Industry
The "Lodging Industry" is frequently called the "Hotel/Motel Industry", by those in telecommunications. The lodging industry voice processing requirements are unique to that industry.

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