Voice Mail, Inc.
Since 1986

Voice Mail is one of the world's leading Voice Processing Companies, committed to providing high quality, application specific multimedia communications including: Voice Processing, Fax Mail and Fax-On-Demand, Videoconferencing, Video Mail and Video E-Mail.

With many thousands of customers worldwide, Voice Mail, Inc. is a leader in supplying new and refurbished multimedia messaging equipment. There is increased demand for telephone system specific and application specific messaging worldwide. Voice Mail, Inc. is filling the need for unified messaging, internet and non-internet, public and private networked and AMIS networked messaging. Unified messaging between compatible technologies: Voice, FAX, EMail, Video and Data and new international standards have revolutionized how people are communicating. Voice Mail, Inc's customer base includes governments, universities, long distance companies and businesses of all sizes. Voice Mail, Inc's worldwide headquarters is located in Hialeah, Florida.

Voice Mail, Inc. sells approximately 80% to interconnect companies, 8% to brokers and, 12% to end users. Partly because of the internet and partly because of the sophistication of some end users communications managers, the number of sales to end users is growing significantly. End users are also the driving force behind Unified Messaging and standards based technology. Voice Mail, Inc.is a Wholesale Distributor, Tech Center and Discount Outlet depending on the need of the Caller. The company handles approximately 6,000 customer calls per year. Voice Mail, Inc. is keeping pace by evolving into a multimedia communications company, going far beyond simple Voice Mail technology. The expanding role of messaging technologies, standards, growth outside the United States and new technological capabilities is causing Voice Mail, Inc. to experience continual growth and EXCITEMENT for what is yet to come!

Voice Mail, Inc. has an installed base of many thousands of customers, across generations of technology, geography, application and sophistication. Voice Mail, Inc. is a distributor for a number of manufacturers, OCTEL being the largest and accounting for a high percentage of the corporations revenues.

Why us?
Voice Mail, Inc. is a specialty company and has until recently delt soley with Voice Mail and Fax Mail technology. The Interconnect Industry technician has enough trouble keeping up with his own telephony products, without having to learn a whole new Voice Processing Industry. Voice Mail, Inc's pricing is frequently better than the Interconnect Company dealers price, when dealing directly with the manufacturer. We are considered The Industry Resource for Voice Processing. Because we handle multiple lines we do not recommend that one system fits all. Voice Mail, Inc. provides technical support as well as product. For those products that technicians are not certified for, we work with authorized distribution to arrange for direct support. Voice Mail, Inc. is ever expanding its knowledge base to become a better application specific provider of messaging technology, as is evidenced by the drive towards broader, standards based, unified messaging and voice over IP.


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We are located in the great Sunshine State of Florida, and are committed to always sourcing from other American companies whenever possible. This helps our country and means significantly greater quality components for you!