Let us put our comprehensive network of certified telecom engineers, technicians, and professionals to work for you in servicing your voice processing needs on-site nearly anywhere in the world! Phone support and remote dial-in assistance are also readily available with competitive rates. We realize that most servicing is required at inopportune times and will work hard to resolve your situation as quickly and easily as possible; so contact us today for more information and a quick response.

Have a non-critical machine down or in need of some maintenance and are unable to determine the problem? Ship it to us and, for a small bench fee depending on system, we will gladly bench the machine, putting it through a variety of thorough tests, and tell you exactly what is happening along with various repair options available to you. If you decide for us to repair it, half of the bench fee will be credited back to the repair. This includes PC-based and proprietary voice mail systems!

Disaster Recovery
Machines are available for disaster recovery if you are in a downed, whether critical or not, state. We are a stocking company and can can ship all parts and systems in inventory same-day or next-day, depending on time of day, no problem. Short-term rental and full system replacements are available. Contact us immediately for faster response and turn-around, and we will do everything possible to expedite your recovery!

Extended Warranties
All new voice mail systems we sell come with a minimum of atleast one year factory warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, we can offer you up to a five year extended warranty. Maintenance contracts are also available upon request. Please contact us for available options.

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