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About the Manufacturer
Founded in 1984, Brooktrout Technology is headquartered in Needham, MA where Brooktrout delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New Network applications, systems and services in high growth market segments including voice over packet gateways, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, messaging, and contact centers.

Product Overviews
TRxStream™ Series media resource platforms support real-time voice and fax transmission over circuit and IP packet data networks.
  • TR1000™ Series is a high-density messaging platform that supports up to 120 voice channels and up to 8 intelligent fax channels per board. The TR1000 is a service provider application platform used in applications such as messaging, conferencing, connection services, and voice portals. The TR1000 combines high-density voice and fax resources onto a single card, which enables simplified development and faster time-to-market for New Network applications.
  • TR1100™ Series is an enterprise applications platform for developers building high-density New Network applications for contact centers, voice portals and fax and voice messaging. The TR1100 provides up to 60 independently configurable voice or fax channels with an integrated T1/E1/ISDN network interface. The TR1100, when combined with the latest release of Brooktrout's RealComm 100(TM), a communications media server and software development kit ("SDK"), provides developers with an open, standards-based platform for developing New Network applications.
  • TR2001™ Series is a service provider development platform that powers voice/fax gateways, as well as new applications such as Internet call-waiting and push-to-talk web-based telephony. The TR2001 Series is a real-time IP platform that supports up to 60 channels of voice and fax over IP per board. The TR2001 can operate in a dual Pentium configuration that helps minimize host processor loads and provides a high degree of scalability. In addition, for developers who want the same degree of reliability and scalability in a single chassis, the TR2001 supports MVIP and SCbus configurations.
  • TR2020 is an open systems board for Voice Over Packet (VOP) development. The TR2020 performs a number of key functions including voice compression and interactive voice response (IVR), as well as fax and data relay.

Netaccess™ Series products are ideally suited for a New Network™ architecture called Softswitch, in which a software controller directs hardware and applications installed anywhere on the network, providing a range of carrier-class functions such as voice-encoding, and converting voice to packet, as well as call control.

  • NS300 - Brooktrout Technology's NS300 cPCI products contain an intelligent, field-proven on-board software stack and an HDLC packet engine which enable the most robust, feature-rich interfaces currently available. By providing a wide range of voice and data protocol support on a high-densitycarrier-grade board, the NS300 offers the service provider flexibility of architecture, allows for easy scalability, and presents possible solutions to pressing issues including cost reduction and network down time.
  • PRI-PCI T1/E1/ISDN WAN Access Card - Brooktrout Technology's Netaccess PRI-PCI cards with Instant ISDN Software provide the industry's most robust digital WAN access feature set. Users can connect Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) based systems to digital networks through a variety of protocols, including T1/E1, Primary Rate ISDN, Frame Relay, raw data mode, and others.
  • Multiport PCI Basic Rate ISDN Board - Brooktrout Technology's Netaccess BRI-PCI8 MultiPort Basic Rate board is the industry's first 4-port Basic Rate Interface Board with a U interface on a PCI platform. It complements an award-winning line of ISDN access subsystems. The BRI-PCI8 has built-in NT-1's for easy ISDN implementation. The board also comes equipped with a Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP™) bus interface to provide an intra-chassis multiplexed digital telephony highway for data, voice, video, and/or fax communication applications.
  • PRI-ISA T1/E1/ISDN WAN Access Card - Brooktrout Technology's Netaccess PRI-ISA cards with Instant ISDN Software provide the industry's most robust digital WAN access feature set. Users can connect Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) based systems to digital networks through a variety of protocols, including T1/E1, Primary Rate ISDN, Frame Relay, raw data pump mode, and others.
  • NS700 - Brooktrout Technology's NS700™ product line provides the industry's most robust SS7 feature set. The PCI board offers up to four E1 or T1 interfaces, whereas the cPCI board offers four or eight T1 or E1 interface ports.
  • NS700 API - TDAPI is a C language API which allows low level access to the hardware configuration, switching and call control services offered by Brooktrout Technology NS700™ SS7 PCI and SS7 cPCI network interface boards.
  • Instant ISDN Software for WAN Access - Brooktrout Technology's Netaccess Instant ISDN Software powers your advanced communication applications. With multi-protocol support, Instant ISDN Software permits you to develop full-featured, cost-effective products quickly - without detailed knowledge of the specific network interface or protocols involved.

RealComm 100™ is a high-performance, industry-standard (ECTF S.100) communications server software that enables developers to build innovative communications solutions for call centers, interactive voice response, enhanced call services, automated attendant and directory services and unified messaging. In addition, the RealComm 100 communications server software helps reduce developers' time-to-market by implementing rich resource management services and hardware abstraction, enabling scalable, distributed applications.

Vantage™ Series are versatile voice processing platforms for developing robust, highly scalable, high-density messaging and digital recording applications. The Vantage Series provide up to 8 ports of voice on a single resource card, in either ISA or PCI form factors. The Vantage Series includes optional H.100 open standards interfaces and CTR-21 international approval.

Vantage™ DSPM module opens new opportunities for adding voice technology to PC subsystems. Based on a powerful Texas Instruments DSP, the Vantage DSPM provides four voice channels in a compact module.

Vantage PCI ™ Series provides developers and system integrators with a single-board solution for analog voice processing applications that require MVIP and H.100 connectivity. This family of PCI-bus cards is ideal for unified messaging, automated attendant, digital recording, interactive voice response, outbound telemarketing, audiotext, call center and other computer telephony (CT) applications.

TR114™ Series are intelligent boards designed for high-performance fax and fax/voice messaging systems. The TR114 provides up to 16 intelligent fax and voice channels offering full fax and voice processing on each. The TR114 is one of the most widely used intelligent fax boards in the industry. The TR114 has extended support for Internet faxing, both for T.37-compatible store-and-forward and T.38 real-time transmissions. The TR114 is used in New Network applications such as IP- and Web-based messaging.

TruFax Series are fax-processing boards designed for small and medium businesses. TruFax products incorporate many of the functions that contribute to the high-reliability of the TR114 Series products, but do not support advanced features such as Internet fax, color fax, or voice processing.

TRNIC Series of network interface cards provide a seamless, easy path to connect TR114 fax and voice systems to digital telephone lines. They require no interrupt lines, no software drivers to install, and no application software interface.

Shared Fax brings proven reliable performance to BackOffice and Small Business Server. Microsoft Back Office and Small Business Server are designed to support your business with a variety of time and money-saving features and enhancements -- including Shared Fax Service. Shared Fax Service will allow you to set up a LAN fax server and eliminate the costs, complications, and lost time associated with multiple walk-up, stand-alone fax machines.

Ensemble™ Series is a flexible, low-cost PC system designed as an ideal host for compact voice processing solutions. The Ensemble line consists of a range of PCs bundled with Brooktrout Technology cards. This single, integrated system provides developers with a stable, high-reliability combination, offering superior performance over other compact platforms, while priced less than if the components were sold separately.

Prelude™ Series is a family of half-size, low-cost, full-featured voice processing platforms for PC systems. The Prelude Series includes the Duet 2-port and Quartet 4-port analog half-size cards that enable developers to build voice messaging and digital recording systems based on a "miniature" PC architecture, reducing overall costs while maintaining full voice processing functionality.

RDSP™ Series are PC voice processing platforms that provide developers with proven voice processing for ISA bus-compatible computers. The RDSP Series include up to 24 ports of voice on a single resource card that supports development of robust solutions for messaging, digital recording, and other computer telephony applications.

RTNI™ Series are advanced telephony network interface cards that offer developers a reliable, flexible and scalable solution for adding voice processing and call switching to PC systems. The RTNI Series includes 2 T1, 2 E1, and 24 analog interfaces. Each card provides a T1/E1 compatible and analog communication interface for the RDSP and Vantage Series platforms through the MVIP bus.

RealCT Direct is a low-level API driver that provides the interface between an operating system and Brooktrout Technology hardware. These drivers provide developers with direct access to any device in a computer telephony environment, enabling development of applications and direct control over all devices in the system. Using this driver-level control, developers can create powerful, robust applications that take full advantage of processor and other system resources.

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