Legacy Migrations
Supports Very Large, Protracted Migrations

Utilize the SpydurUM as a zero-extension Application Server to replace a failing or obsolete legacy voice mail system that is attached to another legacy telephone system! The SpydurUM will provide all voice mail services with full integration, message waiting, and notification abilities; the same as any traditional voice mail system.

SpydurUM Unified Messaging

Having a zero-extension SpydurUM providing voice mail is very handy indeed, and further allows for extended migration strategies for very large sites! It is trivial to start adding extensions and hanging telephones off the SpydurUM (essentially converting it into a full-blown SpydurPBX) as it is already integrated with the existing telephone system. Provide extension-to-extension dialing with the continued legacy voice mail support. Slowly implement infrastructure, and upgrade individual departments over a long period of time (until the existing telephone system is no longer necessary).

Be sure to check out the Spydur UM for more information!

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