Captaris, Inc.

About the Manufacturer
Founded in 1982, Captaris, Inc., formerly known as Applied Voice Technology (AVT) Corporation, is headquartered in Kirkland, WA, with major offices located in Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Tucson, AZ.; Owings Mills, MD; United Kingdom; Germany; Hong Kong; and the United Arab Emirates.

The company specializes in developing its CallXpress unified messaging solution, its RightFax fax and communications servers, its MediaLinq electronic document delivery services, and its Infinite Mobile Delivery product lines. Captaris has more than 75,000 systems installed and over 1 million users worldwide, with 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies using the company's award winning products or services.

The Captaris family of unified communications and mobile business solutions allows companies to improve business communications with customers, partners and employees. Captaris provides access to and control of critical business information from almost any communications device and enhances communications workflow by improving the way in which company stakeholders exchange information.

Product Overviews
AVT CallXpressCallXpress
CallXpress is a leading independent provider of unified messaging for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange customers. CallXpress unified messaging provides access to all messages (voice, fax and email) in one inbox, and makes them accessible from the telephone, cell phone, computer or the Internet.

The Infinite Mobile Delivery family of mobile wireless products provides a complete solution for secure and reliable wireless access to corporate information and resources. Users can access and manage messages, data and documents stored on their corporate network using virtually any communications device.

MediaLinq Services offers a complete line of high-volume, outsource e-document delivery services.

Services include:

  • Permission email and IP fax broadcasting
  • Email and IP fax merge
  • Fax-on-demand
  • Fax reply
  • Industry-specific solutions for mortgage banking, travel, associations and publishing

OmniBridge, a networking gateway, allows for voice and fax message transmission between voice messaging servers that don't support a common networking protocol: it bridges a Captaris CallXpress unified messaging system with a proprietary voice messaging system.

RightFax is the world leader in enterprise-wide e-document delivery solutions. Bringing together fax, email and Internet technologies, RightFax fax server software gives companies, large and small, a fast, efficient way to send and receive documents electronically from desktop, email, CRM, ERP and other business applications.

AVT PhoneXpressPhoneXpress
No longer sold as whole systems, parts available!

400/Classic Series
No longer sold as whole systems, parts available!

200 Series
No longer sold as whole systems, parts available!

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