About the Manufacturer
Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Avaya is a spin off of Lucent Technologies and combines both the previous Lucent and Octel, the 1997 Lucent acquisition, voice mail product lines.

Please refer to our listing under Avaya Octel for even further product listings.

Product Overviews

Avaya Intuity
Audix Intuity is a currently produced and used primarily on the Avaya Legend/Magix and Definity lines of PBX equipment. Its unique position in the Avaya line is for customers looking for (1) text to speech capabilities or, (2) an all Avaya solution for hotel/motel.

The Audix Intuity uses proprietary architecture and is built from the ground up as a voice processor. The significant early failures have been corrected and today the Intuity stands as a reliable workhorse product. Lucent (now Avaya) sales representatives have succeeded in making the Audix Intuity product popular. Thousands of systems have been installed in conjunction with the Avaya PBX line.

The Audix Intuity has been replaced in the Avaya line largely by the Avaya Octel 50 and Avaya Octel 100 which use newer open architecture. See Avaya Octel 50, and Avaya Octel 100 for more information on these products.

Avaya Legend / Avaya Magix Mail
With release 7, the Avaya Legend Mail becomes the Avaya Magix Mail as Avaya refreshes the product line. The Avaya Legend mail has been discontinued.

The simplicity of the product makes it a simple decision for the user. Its proprietary architecture is based on a printed circuit board connection to the Magix PBX motherboard.

Because of its limited integration capabilities, features, and relative high cost; it has been replaced in most instances by the Avaya Octel 50 and Avaya Octel 100. See Avaya Octel 50 and Avaya Octel 100 for more information on these products.

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