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Spydur Technologies began its life in Voice Processing as Voice Mail Inc (VMI) in 1986, and started out as the #1 support and product development organization for what was originally known as "voice, store, and forward" (as nobody ever heard of the term "voice mail"). As years of grateful service turned into decades, we first released the SpydurUM in 2010 to serve as a traditional voicemail system (in support of customers on older telephone systems) and provides protracted migration to current technology using the same software as the SpydurPBX (which is especially helpful for large organizations). Soon after the SpydurUM was expanded to become the Spydur Hospitality, and services both flagged and non-flagged properties as a complete telephone system.

Product Overviews

Spydur UM

Spydur UM

Utilize the SpydurUM as a zero-extension Application Server to replace a failing or obsolete legacy voice mail system that is attached to another legacy telephone system! The SpydurUM will provide all voice mail services with full integration, message waiting, and notification abilities; the same as any traditional voice mail system.

Having a zero-extension SpydurUM providing voice mail is very handy indeed, and further allows for extended migration strategies for very large sites! It is trivial to start adding extensions and hanging telephones off the SpydurUM (essentially converting it into a full-blown SpydurPBX) as it is already integrated with the existing telephone system. Provide extension-to-extension dialing with the continued legacy voice mail support. Slowly implement infrastructure, and upgrade individual departments over a long period of time (until the existing telephone system is no longer necessary).

Spydur Hospitality

The Spydur PMS (Property Management System) is an application geared solely for the Hospitality industry; you can easily perform:

Spydur Hospitality

Guest Check-In:
Lists all available rooms not currently occupied, and provides for multi-room check-in.

Guest Check-Out:
Automatically prepares the telephone system for the next guest by removing all voicemail messages and cancelling any scheduled wake-up calls.

Telephone Bills:
Allows searching of telephone bills by date/room, and provides detailed call log reports for the guest.

Guest Wake Up:
Allows scheduling of wake-up calls for occupied rooms, and reports currently scheduled wake-up calls.

Billing Rates:
Defines the current billing rates for telephone calls.

Guest Rooms:
Import extensions from System Setup for use as guest rooms.

911 Notification:
Immediately sends email/SMS notification that someone has dialed Emergency Services, and from which room/extension.


Voice Mail Escalation
Voice Mail Escalation moves new messages out of one mailbox and into another mailbox (after a specified period of time, e.g. after an hour); and, the receiving mailbox owner will be notified (text/email) that there is an Escalated Voice Mail in their mailbox. Voice Mail Escalation will only affect new and unread messages.  Users can listen to a message, save a message, or delete a message to stop the message from escalating.

Persistent Notifications
Persistent Notifications send recurring notification (text/email) that a new message remains unread in a particular mailbox (on a specified schedule, e.g. once every 15 minutes). Messages never leave the user’s mailbox, and these persistent notifications will continue FOREVER. However, users can listen to a message, save a message, or delete a message to stop the persistent notifications.

Shared Mailbox / Group Voice Mail
Allows multiple users to access and monitor a single voice mailbox. This is done through their telephone's primary message waiting indicator (aka message waiting light), or through a secondary 'busy lamp field' (BLF) programmable key.

Voice Mail Blasting
Also known as Voicemail Distribution, allows a user to record a single message and have that message duplicated into all of the Blast Group Members' voice mailboxes.

Voice Mail Masquerading
Use custom/departmental greetings to masquerade over a user's personal voice mailbox. This means all messages (e.g. sales, support, and personal) can be delivered to a single location, and allows the user to only check one place for all messages!

Be sure to check out the SpydurBlog for more information!

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