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About the Manufacturer
Founded in 1987, MacroVoice has become a pioneer of PC based voice processing platforms. A strong Research and Development focus has enabled MacroVoice to remain at the forefront of the voice processing industry, and to continuously meet and exceed national and international business demands.

Product Overviews
MVX Futura
The award winning Windows 2000® platform, the Futura offers an impressive array high level features at the lowest prices for products in its class.

Capable of handling up to 32 ports and over 1000 hours of message storage, the Futura can operate as stand alone unit or can be connected to a Local Area Network to offer Computer Telephony Integration capabilities (CTI), and Unified Messaging (voice, fax and e-mail integrated in Microsoft's Outlook / Inbox).

MVX Expedition
The Expedition offers growth from 4 to 24 ports and is truly our DOS workhorse. With 10,000 mailboxes and 130 hours of messaging, this system is extremely reliable and field proven. Features such as Group Messaging, Directory Assistance, Fax Routing, High Speed Remote Administration have positioned this product as the leader in its class!

MVX Pathfinder
The Pathfinder is a robust system that comes equipped with 4 ports and can grow to 8 ports. The Pathfinder offers 130 hours of messaging capacity and comes with 2,000 mailboxes.

MVX Scout
The Scout sets a new industry standard by offering 2 or 4 Port Voice Mail systems on a PC platform at an incredible price. The systems come with 1,000 mailboxes and 130 Hours of messaging capacity.

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