DuVoice DV2000

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DuVoice DV2000 provides flexible automated attendant applications. Using the convenient GUI, an administrator can create or change call routing and applications at the click of a mouse. Supports unlimited automated attendants for multiple applications within a business or for multiple businesses sharing a single voice mail system. You can even configure partitions between locations.


InnDesk Hospitality

Check In:

  • Enable room mailbox
  • Deliver welcome message (optional)
  • Turn on long distance dialing COS
  • Guest name to telephone system
  • Guest Language
  • Set Wake Up Call

Room Move:

  • Move messages to the new room
  • Move scheduled wake up calls

During Stay:

  • Receive ‘call front desk’ messages
  • Set wake up calls

Check Out:

  • Disable mailbox
  • Archive messages
  • Extinguish message waiting light
  • Remove wake up calls for that room
  • Archive wake up call data
  • Remove any personal greetings
  • Remove any personal password
  • Reset extended stay class of service
  • Turn off long distance dialing COS

Room Status:

  • Pass room clean/dirty status
  • Multiple status codes “Repair, etc.”
  • Housekeeper ID

Data Swap:

  • Data Syncronization
  • Auto creation of guest mailboxes

Group Codes:

  • Sending Group messages
  • Group wake up calls

Minibar Refill:

  • Refill auto post to guest folio
  • Direct Charge or Item and Count
  • Enter items via telephone, web browser, or tablet

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