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COVoice and COVoice Express the innovative definition of true Computer Telephony (CT) offering full-featured CT voice processing solutions for Mitel's family of PBX switches, from the SX-50 to the SX-2000. The COVoice family of products provides you with powerful, intelligent, versatility in a variety of robust platform options, providing you with the opportunity to sit back and experience excellence.

The COVoice family of products are designed to offer powerful, scalable and robust CT solutions. Both COVoice and COVoice Express use the same software, allowing all features to be available on both systems. The differentiating factor is port capacity. COVoice Express is available in 2 or 4 port configurations, while COVoice scales from 2 to 24 port configurations. Both products provide maximum performance to meet cost and functionality demands, offering flexible configurations to suit your ever-changing business needs.

The COVoice product family offers the highest level of seamless integration available by using only Mitel Certified PC-based COV interface cards. The systems use this advanced computer telephony (CT) integration technology to emulate the Mitel Superset Telephone. Using this technology, they are able to support all soft key, hard key, speed call key and display functionality of the Superset telephone. What this means to the PBX is that the system is just another telephone, possibly like the one sitting on your desk, what it means to you is 100% seamless integration. They don't just "act" like telephones, they function as full featured telephone devices. By emulating virtual telephones, they communicate directly with the Mitel PBX. All digital signal information sent from the PBX is read and then intelligently processed according to user-defined conditions. This intelligent, interactive communication solution allows both systems to perform cohesively as one product... computer telephony at its best! As a result they respond faster and more precisely to inbound calls and disconnects 20 to 30 % faster than competitive systems.

The schedule-oriented architecture promotes complete administrative control and flexibility over call processing. Callers can be intelligently routed using ANI/DNIS, extension, trunk, condition, time of day, day of week, or date. You can even schedule certain PBX functions to occur at any given time or date on any specific channel. For example, you can program the system to automatically switch the PBX into night mode at a specific time each day or activate and deactivate a call center's ACD groups at specifically designated times. Now you can rely on the system to forward your telephone so you don't have to. You have more important things to do, delegate those tasks to COVoice.

These systems offer a powerful array of innovative features and application packages designed to create and implement your automated and personalized communication services. Many unique PBX-enhanced features are included with every COVoice and COVoice Express system. Some of these features are; ACD automated agent, ACD auto on/off, auto time sync to PBX, recording announcement device (RAD). Auto message pause on hold allows you to simply press the "Hold" key on your telephone to pause listening to your messages. This allows you to accept another call or speak to someone else briefly and quickly return to the message right where you left off. Auto call park-page and retrieve allows callers to press a single key which instructs COVoice to place the caller on hold, place a call to the overhead paging system, announce a call for you and instruct you how to retrieve the waiting caller. This feature allows you move about your building and still answer your calls, all without tying up additional resources. Additionally, a hospitality package, developed specifically for hotel properties is included with each system. The hospitality package includes easy guest access to confidential, accurate and timely messages 24 hours a day, automated wake up calls, automatic routing to guest rooms and integration to the hotels' property management. The power is yours.

By choosing the COVoice family of products today you are investing into the technology of tomorrow. Their intuitive design and superior feature set make light of your workload. Let COVoice simplify you daily routine by intelligently and intuitively handling all of your messaging and call-processing needs. COVoice and COVoice Express provide you with the opportunity to experience superior integration, powerful features, growth and versatility to meet your needs both today and in the future. The choice is yours and with COVoice and COVoice Express the choice is clear. No matter which one you choose you'll know you've made the right decision.

VSR COVoice & COVoice Express: Integration at its Best!

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