Chassis Replacements

Custom-made to Order

Built for Voice Processing

DOS, Linux, OS/2, or Windows

One of the worst things that can happen to any business, is for its voice mail system to crash hard. The critical points of failure are hard drive, power supply, and boards. We've learned over the years that while it is still an option to replace a machine's individual parts, it is many times not the best choice. Parts failure is often the beginning of a downward trend in system integrity. While replacing the system all together with a more recent voice mail with unified messaging, speech recognition, etc. is a sound consideration, we realize our customers many times simply love what they have already and only want its continued longevity.

Ask yourself these questions...
Is your voice mail system experiencing growing intermittent problems?
Has its hard drive started making noise or not accessing nearly as fast?
Is your machine atleast 3 years old or older?
...if you answered yes to any, it's probably time to replace your chassis.

The voice processing industry has made some excellent strides in incorporating and blending new technologies into its voice mail systems in attempt to combat the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), which all electronics have. The most effective means to avoiding these hard crashes is through redundancy. While previously only available to proprietary and more expensive platforms, we can now add Hard Drive, Power Supply, and Processor redundancy to your enterprise system, and they are suprisingly affordable! Other special features include DC Power, current 160 & 320 SCSI Interfaces, and Intel Pentium III and IV processors!

Available Special Fetures
Tower or Rackmount Chassis
Multi-processor Capable
Redundant Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
AC or DC Power
Hot-Swappable Hard Drives
CD-RW BackUp
Up to 13x ISA Slot Backplanes
for Legacy External Cabinent Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have an OS/2 based voice mail system (Active Voice Repartee, AVT Call Xpress, Octel 100, etc.), can I still upgrade the chassis?
YES! The only feature not available to OS/2 based systems are SATA Hard Drives. This means, you can backup to recordable CD, you can have SCSI RAID hard drives, you can replace that aging external cabinent... you can!

Is installing the new chassis really complicated?
The process is simple. When you receive your chassis replacement, all you need to do is duplicate or image your old system drive onto the new chassis, and move the voice/fax boards over. That's it! There is no configuration or setup as all your previous software and settings are copied over.

Okay, I want to replace my voice mail system's chassis, so what do I do?
All you need to do is contact us with your current system's configuration and desired features, and we will promptly create/customize a system to fit your needs.

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