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Dispatch is a difficult task of managing people in abstentia. The moment a dispatcher sits down at his workstation, he is already behind and the lines are blinking. In the case of long haul truck drivers, the dispatcher is dealing with the Truck Driver Frustration Quotient (TDFQ). The driver is a profit center to the company and if he gets too frustrated he'll quit and go to a competitor.

Voice Mail allows the dispatcher and driver to communicate easily and quickly. A dispatcher voice mail system has "Call Center" and "Message Center" applications to make the communication process fast and easy.

The "Call Center" application allows the Dispatch Center Manager to visually see how many calls are coming in and where they are going. Further, a dispatch voice mail system provides both real-time on screen statistical reports (and in some dispatch voice mail systems, screen comparisons with today's traffic as compared to yesterday's). Additionally, hard copy reports should be available to show call traffic history incrementally as would be useful to the Dispatch Center Manager: time of day, hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.)

The "Message Center" software provides (1) a dynamic onscreen display (2) showing messages left by a dispatcher for a specific driver and if the message has been listened to by the driver, and (3) shows messages left for a specific driver for a specific dispatcher and whether or not the message has been listened to by the dispatcher.

Please let us know how we can improve your communication between dispatcher and driver and provide the tools to allow your Dispatch Center Manager to manage efficiently.


The best product for your Dispatch operation will depend upon its own unique reqirements. Some of the items to identify this system should you contact a sales engineer or request a "Quick Quote" (Just click on the Request a Quick Quote, it can be found at the top right-hand corner of any page on this site.) are:

  • Size of operation
  • Type of telephone system
  • Type of dispatch operation
  • Please feel free to provide as much information as possible

Thank you for using Voice Mail, Inc. Please add any comments that you feel will assist us in responding to your request. Suggestions on how we can improve our WebSite to assist you are always appreciated. We ususally respond to your Quick Quote Request within one business day.

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