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The "Lodging Industry" is frequently called the "Hotel/Motel Industry", by those in telecommunications. The lodging industry voice processing requirements are unique to that industry.

Two separate applications must reside in the same voice processing system; one for the business side of the establishment and the other for the quest. Each of these has particular requirements.

The business application: Should ideally provide all the business features of a prototypical voice mail system. Rather than list all the business features some of those features that are particular to lodging administration and staff are:

  • A dynamic (real time display) front desk console so that staff can respond to requests at the front desk as to the arrival of new messages. Some systems require the quest to go to their room to see if their message waiting light is lit.
  • Beeper and cellular phone notification of messages, so that administration and staff can communicate in a timely manner regardless of where they are on the property.
  • Either Property Management System (PMS) elimination software OR, PMS integration software. Some properties may not have a property management system or, for a variety of reasons, they may not want to integrate the PMS to the Voice Processor. With PMS elimination software the property would develope a a customized quest room personal greeting. (Example: "You have reached the telephone of our very special quest here at the Scottsdale Camelback Resort & Inn. They are currently unable to take your call. Please leave a detailed message at the tone and we will make sure they are notified of your messages arrival.") With PMS elimination software, the system would automatically erase the messages after they are heard. A backup copy of the messages are archieved and deleted automatically after a time. A minimal administration overhead in time may occur if messages left in the quest mailbox are not listened to by the quest before checkout but, it should never require more than 10 minutes per day for a 100 room property.

A PMS-Voice Processing integrated system has the PMS tell the Voice Processor to clear any quest messages left in a mailbox automatically at checkout. With an integrated configuration each quest can create their own personal greeting. In this case they would not be using a customized quest personal greeting created by your administration.

Guest features include: Simplified dialing which allows a user to receive their messages without any training. The switch integration provides for everything to happen automatically. When a message is left in a guest mailbox the message waiting light will automatically light on their phone(s). The guest should be able to dial and extension or a softkey on their phone to get information on such things as guest services, taxis, car rental, resturaunts, etc. The voice processor can also be called by the guest and they can enter their own wakeup call without having to have staff do it.


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Each property has its own unique reqirements and some of the items to identify to this system should you request a "Quick Quote" (Just click on the Request a Quick Quote, it can be found at the top right-hand corner of any page on this site.) are:

  • Are you a commercial property or resort or both?
  • Are you a multiligual site?
  • Are you a long stay facility?
  • What kind of PMS are you using if any?
  • Are you a campground, managed condominium, etc.?
  • Please feel free to provide as much information as possible.

Thank you for using Voice Mail, Inc. Please add any comments that you feel will assist us in responding to your request. Suggestions on how we can improve our WebSite to assist you are always appreciated. We ususally respond to your Quick Quote Request within one business day.

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