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Teachers and administrators, as internal users of the system, will be able to take their ability to communicate to a more thorough and efficient level. They will be able to send messages to individuals, groups of individuals, or pre-established distribution lists. Users can access the voice server and send or retrieve messages from their classrooms, offices, or any touch-tone phone in the world. They can even be notified via pager that a message has been left or notified and retrieve a message via cellular phone or home phone.

Automate repetitive tasks, increase productivity of both teachers and administration, and provide a positive image to the local community through a highly increased flow of information to and from the community with these common features:

Substitute Finder
Dramatically cut down on the time and effort that it takes to locate substitute teachers each day. Instead of having staff members go through their list of substitutes, have your system take a pre-established list for each substitute position that is needed to be filled, and make the calls for you.

Absentee Notification
The absentee notification will take a list of parents' phone numbers that have been compiled by the staff and will call each number notifying the parents that their student was absent from class. Once the voice server makes the call it can play a pre-recorded message that can be easily customized. The message can be repeated several times to ensure that it gets through even if the voice server gets an answering machine.

Homework Hotline
Students and parents alike will use the Homework Hotline. Students out due to illness, sporting events, or field trips can receive their homework assignments for each class by checking the Homework Hotline. Parents can check the Homework Hotline to ensure that their student is completing homework assignments. To get the assignment, the parent or student dials into the voice server, accesses the Homework Hotline through each class teacher's mailbox, and selects to hear the assignment for that particular class. Once they have retrieved the assignment for a particular class they can go to the next teacher's mailbox and select the next class for which they want the assignment.

Board Meetings
Scheduled board meetings, locations, times and agendas can all be made available through school board announcement boxes. Each school can even post abbreviated minutes to past board meetings in information boxes.

School Closings
Schools often close unexpectedly due to weather, physical plant problems, or for other unforeseeable issues. When this happens, somebody has to notify the administration and teachers. Now your voice mail system can call the administration and teachers for you with an easily customized message explaining the closure. You can also remotely create an information box that can be accessed by the administrators, teachers, and the public to announce a closure when they call to check.

Sports and Other School Events
Through information boxes you can keep the faculty, students, and community up to date on sports activities such as team sign-ups, practices, game schedules and locations, and team records. You can also provide information on several other types of activities such as proms, band competitions, plays, even providing directions and admission costs for any of these events. These information boxes can even be used to announce current lunch menus and prices.

Registration Information
All year long, parents call for registration information such as times, dates, deadlines, necessary documents, etc. Now you provide all of this information through information boxes in the auto attendant. This frees the district office and other administrative staff from this repetitive and time consuming task while allowing parents to receive just the information that they are looking for.

Question & Answer Mailboxes
These mailboxes, as part of the auto attendant, can be used to gather information from the faculty, community, and students. They work as a verbal survey asking a series of questions and recording the respondents verbal or touch tone (optional) answers. This is a powerful tool for determining faculty, community, or student opinion on any range of subjects. Q & A Mailboxes can be used for anything from finding out what the students think of the cafeteria food to determining what the community thinks about the proposed location for the new middle school.

Emergency Notification
Whether it be canceling classes for a specific school due to a gas line leak or closing the entire district early due to inclement weather, you can get the word out fast and efficiently. The voice server can call a pre-established list of all the students parents for a specific school or the entire district.

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