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PhoneSoft Unified Messaging is a complete unified messaging and automated attendant system for Lotus Domino. On the road or in the office, it increases productivity and saves time by delivering all voice, fax, and e-mail messages to your Notes inbox. Ideal for any size business, PhoneSoft Unified Messaging makes you and your organization more efficient and responsive.

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Unified Messaging makes message management easy. You can send, receive, and forward all voice, fax, and e-mail messages using your desktop or laptop PC, or over the Internet. And there is virtually no learning curve because it works directly with the existing Lotus Notes mailbox people already use. Configuration and system administration is a snap, because Unified Messaging can, if you wish, use your existing Notes Name and Address Book.

The power, freedom, and flexibility of a single inbox

Active Voice's PhoneSoft Unified Messaging brings you the power of centralized communications control by delivering all your voice, fax, and e-mail messages directly to your Lotus Notes inbox, where you can access and manage them using a PC, any telephone, or the Internet. Simplified message management from a single mailbox gives you the freedom to communicate from anywhere, at any time, using the tool of your choice. PhoneSoft Unified Messaging also offers advanced, flexible, and reliable automated attendant features to direct incoming calls quickly and efficiently - helping your organization become more responsive than ever.

Anytime, anywhere message access

PhoneSoft Unified Messaging gives you universal access to your communications world. Send voice mail over the Internet. Listen to e-mail over the telephone. Forward faxes to any location. Get the most out of each workday by staying connected and responsive, no matter where you are.

Listen to your e-mail over the telephone

On the road without a laptop? PhoneSoft Unified Messaging gives you the option to listen to your e-mail messages using a touchtone telephone. No computer required. No replication delay. You can also reply to, forward, save, delete, or even fax your e-mail - with the push of a button.

Add value to the tools you use everyday

PhoneSoft Unified Messaging is easy to use because it works with the desktop applications you use everyday, extending the value of your favorite communications tools. Voice messages are delivered right to your desktop, where you can retrieve and manage them using the familiar Notes interface. Faxes are just a phone call away. In fact, you can access all of your messages instantly with just one telephone call - whether you're at your hotel, in your car, or still waiting for your flight at the airport.

Not ready for PhoneSoft Unified Messaging?

No problem. PhoneSoft E-Mail Reader adds basic unified messaging functionality to your existing voice mail system by providing telephone access to both voice and e-mail messages. With PhoneSoft E-Mail Reader, you can access your voice mail and e-mail with one quick call. Plus, it's easy to upgrade to PhoneSoft Unified Messaging when you're ready to implement a system with more advanced features.

Reliable, affordable, scalable, and proven

PhoneSoft Unified Messaging is built on a proven and flexible platform that delivers feature-rich performance, superior reliability, and easy scalability. It can scale to support a large number of servers or users, making it the ideal solution for companies of every size.

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