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The Amanda Portal is a telecommunications API that offers easy integration and use of the most advanced communications features that were previously only available to enterprises with big telecommunications budgets. The Portal can integrate with almost every phone system on the market, or stand alone for a variety of applications. Also, The Amanda Portal system allows for all or any of these applications to be implemented, and work on a single software and hardware platform. The Portal is cost effective just as a Voice Processing/Unified Messaging system.


The Amanda Company specializes in custom applications development, with affordable prices and fast programming and installation. ‘We do it better, faster, and cheaper’. Some of the features and benefits of the Amanda Portal are:

  • Speech Recognition – This allows callers to choose the correct person or department by simply speaking the name. This feature greatly reduces the need for callers to navigate complex menu trees, and offers a natural language interface to enterprise databases. Speech Recognition is also available on IVR applications.
  • Open Database Connectivity - This feature allows for the direct connection of Amanda Portal to different databases. ODBC allows the customer to build highly sophisticated telephony applications.
  • Automatic Call Distribution - Perfect flexibility in routing and managing a large volume of incoming calls is available with the ACD module for Amanda Portal. With this module, Amanda Portal becomes a fully featured ACD that allows high-end applications integrated with other CTI functions at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.
  • Unified Messaging – This sought after feature brings control of all types of messages, voice, email, and fax, to the desktop. This gives the user first party call control, with screening, the ability to send calls straight to voice mail, play priority customized messages, choose from playback over the phone or desktop multi media, and more. Portal can send voice mail files as emails, or play email files back to mobile workers through cell phones.
  • Text to Speech – This enhances the value of Unified Messaging with the ability to retrieve email messages from any telephone. This feature is perfect for employees that rely heavily on telephones to keep in touch while traveling between offices. TTS has improved greatly in the last few years, and now with Portal the price has come down as the functionality has improved.
  • Voice over IP – This eliminates toll charges between offices by sending calls through the data network. The Amanda Portal VoIP connection pays for itself by reducing long distance bills. We can show many examples of VoIP applications now running, and saving customers thousands of dollars.
  • Integrated FAX - Using Dialogic Combined Media Boards, Amanda Portal provides support for FAX services including; FAX mail, FAX on demand, FAX broadcasting, automatic routing of incoming FAX documents and direct delivery of all FAX services to the desktop.
  • Direct Digital Integration - Digital integration to Nortel, Mitel, Avaya Definity, and Siemens PBX systems using Dialogic cards insures compatibility with the most commonly installed systems in businesses today.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – IVR is well known for having callers use the dial pad to interact with data bases and retrieve information, pay bills, enquire about shipping, etc. The Amanda Company can customize almost any IVR application, and add Speech Recognition if desired. Also, we can have a caller jump out of an ACD queue, perform an IVR function, and move back into the queue without losing their place.
  • Predictive Dialing – This can be customized for either inbound or outbound dialing, with complete reporting capabilities. We can have the Portal connect outdial calls either to an agent, or play pre determined messages, based on business decisions and smart routing. Portals are used to outdial and confirm appointments for medical and dental offices, giving the called parties the chance to cancel or change appointments. Also, Portals are used to call delinquent accounts for varieties of businesses.
  • Find me / Follow me – Using Find me, Portal will call multiple numbers to try and connect the call. Using Follow me, Portal will direct all incoming calls to a number other than your normal number or extension, such as a cell phone. Portal can use serial or parallel dialing or any combination and is completely flexible.
  • Networking – Portal can accommodate any type of trunking from the PSTN; DID, T-1, PRI, or Internet using VoIP. Portal can take in as many as 500 trunks, and be used for multiple locations, centralized call administration, etc.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording – Portal can monitor voice mails as they are being recorded, and allow the user to pick up the call, at which time the recording stops. Portal can also allow one button, from the GUI, recording of any conversation to the user’s voice mailbox.
  • Web Interfacing Features – Portal can be customized to allow web based access to all company features and functions. As an example, at The Amanda Company, we run all of our business processes and reports off the Portal.
  • Customization – Portal can be customized for almost any application or combination of the above applications, depending on customer requirements. “We do it better, faster, and cheaper.”

The applications for AmandaPortal are limited only by the creativity of our software architects and the imagination and coding capability of talented independent developers. AmandaPortal is a tool that can be used as an ubiquitous transport for PSTN or IP data and voice communications with the capability of integrating messaging voice or e-mail and storing the information under a single repository. Any Internet-enabled PC and/or a traditional telephone can retrieve the stored information.

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