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Previously known as Amanda@Work.Group 16, the updated Amanda@Work.Group DOS is praised by the trade press as "feature rich" and "easy to manage", Amanda@Work.Group DOS is the complete CTI solution for PC and LAN-based applications. Core user features include audiotext, automated attendant, auto-scheduling, guest IDs, and voice messaging. Incremental features-- visual messaging, call control, fax mail, automatic telephone dialing and connection, and IVR -- allow you to actively manage incoming and outbound communications from any PC using Microsoft Windows. An excerpt from Teleconnect's test drive reads:

"Using Amanda is fun, simply because it's so easy and provides so many quick, convenient call handling options."

By harnessing the power of the personal computer to prioritize, manage, and route calls and messages, Amanda@Work.Group DOS streamlines your telephone, voice and fax communications.

Norstar IntegrationAmanda@Work.Group DOS's robust architecture supports 4-24 ports, 100 PC clients, and 15,000 users. On a per user basis, Amanda@Work.Group DOS supports over 1,000 messages, seven custom greetings, seven personal mailing lists, and ten message notification instructions. The Amanda@Work.Group DOS product provides user access to Amanda through either the user's telephone or desktop computer; remote access is via the telephone. Similarly, Amanda@Work.Group DOS can be administered locally at the Amanda system, from a desktop computer over a network connection, or remotely, via a modem connection.

A Norstar version of Amanda@Work.Group DOS is also available. Direct Norstar integration eliminates the need for costly VMI's (Voice Mail Interface Units). Digital connectivity allows Amanda to instantly recognize answer and busy tones for faster call connection.

Filename Size Software Description
dclient.exe 587kb Win Amanda@Work.Group Client Demo
Note: The User ID is "144" and the Security Code is "1996"


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