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Callegra .UC offers a powerful voice messaging and automated attendant solution that easily expands to include additional unified messaging advantages such as, integrated speech recognition, fax services, browser based voice and fax messaging and email integration including text-to-speech. Leveraging Microsoft's .NET, SQL Server and Windows 2000 technologies, Callegra .UC was designed with an XML based N-tier, object-oriented, distributed architecture allowing it to scale from a full-featured 4 port voice mail system up to a very large network of unified communication installations capable of serving one million users. Additionally, the Callegra .UC XML Web Services SDK allows system integrators to rapidly add advanced voice, phone and fax functionality to other enterprise applications by using XML Web Services or COM enabled development environments to access client functions.

Responsive Communication
Callegra .UC Systems help businesses maximize their customer contacts by making it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for or locate the person or department they need. Callegra .UC is equipped with extensive auto-attendant and routing capabilities, next-generation telephony integrations, rapid multi-modal notification plans, and extensive message access and management to ensure the most responsive unified communications and messaging system available to businesses today.

Essential Infrastructure
CT Labs Tested 2002Microsoft.NETUsing Microsoft's .NET technology and development environments, Callware Technologies designed and built the Callegra .UC system to be an essential part of today's business communication infrastructure. Leveraging an XML N-tier object-oriented distributed architecture, Callegra .UC can offer everything from full-featured 4-port voice mail systems up to multi-node, networked, unified communication installations with different PBXs serving up to 1 million users. CT Labs tested and certified Callegra .UC for serving high-demand environments as part of Callware's commitment to effectively serve small and midsize companies as well as the largest enterprises. In addition, Callware's release of the Callegra .UC XML Web Services SDK allows for optimal unified communication and messaging functionality to be integrated into any enterprise application to further meet specific or unique business needs.

User Friendly
Callegra's award-winning audio interface provides customers with the most intuitive and functional design possible. Advanced notification benefits, such as email attachments and SMS paging, as well as traditional telephone or pager notifications are all included with Callegra .UC systems. Fax auto-sense technology redirects incoming faxes to designated fax machines for voice mail only installations, or the optional CallegraFAX module can be added for completely integrated fax services. Callegra Client enabled users enjoy self-administration for common and even power user tasks and options, contributing to high user satisfaction and optimal mailbox settings for each user.

Convenient Administration
System administrators enjoy remote application administration using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). CallegraADMIN for MMC is an integral part of every Callegra .UC system and makes managing a 10-site installation as easy as a local system. Mailbox templates and other system features allow for rapid creation of hundreds or thousands of identical boxes, yet each box can be configured totally independently of any other box, allowing for the ultimate in application flexibility and no "class of service" limitations.

Microsoft MMC Mailbox Properties

Modular Expansion
The Callegra Unified Communication and Messaging Modules allow every Callegra system to be configured to the optimal size and feature set. Voice enabled call routing through the auto attendant is available with CallegraVOICE. Integrated inbound and outbound fax services are added with CallegraFAX. Internet browser access and Microsoft Outlook integration are available through CallegraWEB and CallegraINBOX. Listening, managing and responding to email over the phone is offered through CallegraTTS. Callegra Modules make it easy for each Callegra system to be optimized for the specific installation and application. Talk with your authorized Callware Solution Provider and see the Callegra Module datasheets and Feature Catalog for further details.

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