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Solo VoiceMail is an affordable small-to-medium size office voice mail solution with a future. With easy-to-use menus, virtually unlimited voice storage, and numerous advanced voice mail features, Solo VoiceMail enhances internal and external communication immediately. Unique in offering a software upgrade path to total unified messaging and advanced networking solutions, this system will never need to be replaced - it is network-ready and scaleable. When you are ready to move into the powerful and flexible world of unified messaging or just expand your current system, your Solo VoiceMail requires only a simple software upgrade. Solo VoiceMail is the intelligent voice mail investment for businesses today.

Solo VoiceMail Functionality Overview:Port Status

  • Available in 4 port increments up to 16 ports
  • Supports up to 10,000 mailboxes and unlimited auto-attendant menus
  • Unlimited voicemail storage (HD dependant)
  • Extensive integration options including:
    • In-band
    • SMDI (Centrex)
    • Proprietary Serial Links
    • Digital Set Emulation
  • Includes 5 Unified Messaging seats with TTS BASIC (Text-to-Speech Email Reader)
  • CallegraVOICE Recognition auto-attendant ready
  • Software upgrade to full Callegra Unified Messaging

Solo VoiceMail is perfect for small or medium size organizations or departments looking for affordable voicemail with features usually reserved for high-end unified messaging systems.

User-oriented Design
System Properties
Unlike other stripped down, "disposable" voicemail systems, Solo VoiceMail is a full-featured voicemail solution that combines a familiar Microsoft Windows interface with integrated online help and complete documentation on CD-ROM to make day-to-day administration straightforward and easy. Voice mailbox users follow voice tutorials that easily guide them through the set-up of personalized names and greetings on their own mailbox. Users experience consistent system menus and commands that make even advanced features simple to use. Telephone User Guides are also available online and can be ordered in hardcopy.

Proven Telephone System Integrations
Solo VoiceMail takes advantage of more than five generations of Callware voice messaging technology. Callware's extensive integration library of over 100 telephone systems represents many years of successful product installations worldwide. By leveraging the superb integration flexibility designed into the product, Solo VoiceMail can be implemented with most telephone systems by using analog (in-band) packet technology, standards based serial connections (SMDI), proprietary serial integrations, or proprietary digital set emulations.

Expandable and Enabled For Voice Recognition
Solo VoiceMail leverages industry-standard hardware to create an economical communication platform powered by unsurpassed scalability. Available in four port increments from 4 to 16 ports, Solo VoiceMail storage is limited only by hard disk space and can support up to 10,000 users. Because of its scalability, Solo VoiceMail remains a valuable asset to any organization interested in removing the limitations of non-scalable systems. Additionally, the optional CallegraVOICE (voice recognition engine) brings state-of-the-art voice-activated call routing to the Solo VoiceMail auto attendant-callers simply speak the persons name or department they need and are transferred immediately.

Packed With Value-added Advanced Features
MS Outlook Integration The connectivity engine that powers the unified messaging capabilities of Solo VoiceMail is a derivative of Callware's larger, corporate enterprise solution, Callegra. Solo VoiceMail includes five free Callegra clients providing five users with the visual advantages of message integration using CallegraWEB and/or CallegraDESK for Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, one session of TTS BASIC (text-to-speech email reader) is also included at no charge! When a business is ready to take advantage of Callegra's fully integrated messaging capabilities, it can preserve its investment in Solo VoiceMail by simply purchasing a software upgrade to Callware's flagship unified messaging product, Callegra.

*Some features/functionality are telephone system dependent

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