EZ Answer
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Product Overview

EZ AnswerAuto Attendent Systems

EZ Answer is a single or dual port auto Attendant that answers incoming calls, plays a recorded greeting and transfers calls to dailed extensions.


  • Connects to any analog port with a hook-flash for transfer
  • Solid state recording
  • Complete remote programming with voice prompts
  • Call processing supervision for busy or no answer
  • Operator rerouting to 0 or any other extension
  • Flash RAM processing, no batteries necessary
  • Single or dual port units available
  • 100% Digital-no moving parts or tapes to wear out
  • Remote Programming. Call from any touch-tone phone to program unit.
  • Blind/Semi/Supervised Transfer.
  • Pre-recorded Voice prompts. Generic voice prompts to ease installation. Prompts can be custom recorded by user or can be ordered from the factory with pre-recorded scripts (exta charge applies).
  • Music Input. Create professional voice prompts by applying music to this port while recording your greeting.
  • Overflow Relay. Let unit pick up overflow calls form console (phone system must support this feature).
  • Status Lights. Allows for visual indication of unit functions.


Optimized for MitelEZ Answer will enhance your overall hotel telephone system, improve operations, and even save you money. All EZ Hotel/Motel products are designed for self-installation and some products even possess exclusive features not available on any other product on the market.

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