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Product Overview

Voice Mail System
Designed specifically for Hotel/Motel use. The most comprehensive in the industry! Easy setup for guest and administrative mailboxes. Check-in/check-out/room change terminal. Remote diagnostics! Auto-attendant included. Hassle-free integration with MITEL phone systems...


  • Message notification via lamp.
  • Audio text setup.
  • Auto wake-up with snooze and custom greeting.
  • Scheduled notification to three pager or telephone numbers on urgent or all messages.
  • 10,000 mailboxes.
  • Guest and virtual mailboxes.
  • Personal greetings.
  • Personal and system-wide distribution lists.
  • Variable length passwords.
  • Mailbox name recording.
  • Welcome messages.
  • Property Management Systems integration.
  • Number of new and saved message count.
  • New and saved message queues.
  • Undelete message option (same day).
  • Rewind/Fast Forward, Replay/Skip and Reply options.
  • Forward messages with comments option
  • Time, date and message source lamp.
  • Interview boxes.
  • Urgent message tag.
  • New user self enrollment tutorial.

Optional Equipment:

  • Modem and Remote Software
  • PMS integration
  • Hospitality application.
  • Fax on demand/fax mail.
  • Monitor and keyboard.
  • Software only.
  • UPS (highly recommended).
  • Custom IVR applications.


  • Touch tome programming.
  • New user self-enrollment tutorial.
  • Re-recordable system prompts.
  • Optional software for factory remote maintenance.
  • Automatic message purge from 0 to 99 days.
  • Minimum and maximum message lengths.
  • 2, 3, or 4 digit mailboxes.
  • Screen setup and administration via modem, keyboard and monitor or laptop.
Optimized for MitelEZ Voice will enhance your overall hotel telephone system, improve operations, and even save you money. All EZ Hotel/Motel products are designed for self-installation and some products even possess exclusive features not available on any other product on the market.

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