InnLine Express Features List
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Guest Voice Messaging - InnLine Express eliminates the need for message taking and delivery, freeing up valuable staff time.

  • Easy to use guest voicemail
  • Automatic message playback
  • Access to automated Guest Services
  • Guest voicemail tutorial
  • Guest configurable greeting/passcode
  • Off-premises voice mail access
  • Deleted message recovery
  • Voicemail holding box at check-out
  • Configurable language choice (requires multi-lingual module)

Automated Guest Services - Information is available to your guests with a touch of a button

  • Guests can set wake-up calls
  • Informational recordings
  • Guest comment box

Staff Voice Messaging - Special instructions, work schedules and maintenance orders can all be communicated using InnLine Express. It will even deliver messages to pagers!

  • Configurable greeting/passcode
  • Off-premises voicemail access
  • New staff user tutorial
  • Individual personal operators (secretary)
  • Configurable message notification: pager/telephone
  • Message type control: normal/urgent/private/certified/future or time limit delivery
  • Message replay options: fast forward/rewind/pause/skip/go back to previous message
  • Increase/decrease playback speed
  • Deleted message recovery
  • Staff configurable distribution groups
  • Configurable language choice (requires multi-lingual module)

Front Desk Administration - InnLine Express is especially easy to administer.

  • Quick access to administrative functions via front desk phone
  • Setting of guest wake-up calls
  • Express message sending to guest or staff
  • Assisted guest access to voicemail
  • Assist previous guest access to holding box
  • Guest voicemail room change
  • Individual guest administration: check-in room/refresh message lamp
  • Undelete guest messages
  • Access to report package
  • Change language for guest (requires language module)
  • Easy daily maintenance (for non-PMS integrated systems)

Automated Attendant - Outside calls get automatically routed to the proper department or individual while an operator is available for additional assistance.

  • Two Automated Attendants
  • Department menus
  • Guest/staff extension dialing
  • Guest/staff dialing directory
  • Guest transfer security
  • Configurable security failure destinations
  • Multi-lingual (requires language module)

PMS Integration - Property management system integration allows for communication with InnLine Express, further reducing administration time.

  • Guest check-in/check-out
  • Guest room move
  • Guest dialing directory support
  • Message count update
  • PMS text message
*Some features are PMS dependent


  • Accurate (Atomic Clock) time maintenance
  • Remote maintenance software
  • Diagnostic utilities
  • System event error and logging
  • Automatic system failure notification
  • System reports scheduler

Add-on Modules

  • Multi-lingual module
  • Wake-up off-loading (certain PBX types)
  • 911 notification (certain PBX types)
  • InnCharge call accounting

Note: Terms and specifications subject to change without notice. Hardware subject to change with availability. For a complete list of features, refer to the current InnLine Express software feature sheet.

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