InnLine 2020 Features List
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Guest Voice Messaging - Free-up staff time by allowing callers to leave confidential and timely messages in their own voice.

  • Easy-to-use guest voice mail
  • Automatic message playback
  • Access to Automated Guest Services
  • Guest voice mail tutorial
  • Guest configurable greeting/passcode
  • Off-premises voice mail access
  • Deleted message recovery
  • Voice mail holding box at check-out

Automated Guest Services - Provides a wide range of information to your guests with a touch of a button including travel information, weather forecasts, road conditions, current time, room service andlocal information about restaurants, theaters, shopping and other attractions. It also allows you to generate revenue by having outside vendors advertise their message on InnLine 2020.

  • Guest configurable wake-up calls
  • Informational recordings
  • Guest surveys
  • Guest comment box
  • Direct connect hotel/external services

Staff Voice Messaging - Special instructions, work schedules, and maintenance orders can all be communicated using InnLine 2020. It even delivers messages to pagers.

  • Multiple configurable greetings/passcode
  • Off-premises voice mail access
  • New staff user tutorial
  • Individual personal operators (secretary)
  • Configurable message notification: digital pager/telephone
  • Message type control: normal/urgent/private/certified future or time limit delivery
  • Increase/decrease playback speed
  • Message replay options: fast forward/rewind/pause/skip to next message/go back to previous message
  • Deleted message recovery
  • Staff configurable distribution groups

Front Desk Administration - InnLine 2020's Windows NT platform makes it especially easy to administer.

  • Quick access to administration function via front desk phones
  • Set guest wake-up calls
  • Express message sending to guest or staff
  • Assist guest access to voice mail
  • Assist previous guest access to holding box
  • Guest voice mail room change
  • Individual guest administration: check-in room / refresh message lamp
  • Undelete guest messages
  • Access to report package
  • Change language preference for individual guests (requires language module)
  • Easy daily maintenance (for non-PMS integrated systems)

Automated Attendant - Outside calls get automatically routed to the proper department or individual while an operator is available for additional assistance.

  • Multiple Automated Attendants
  • Department menus
  • Guest staff extension dialing
  • Guest/staff dialing directory
  • Guest transfer security
  • Configurable security failure destinations

Fax Services

  • Voice mail reports sent to front desk fax

PMS Integration - Property management integration allows your PMS to communicate with InnLine 2020, further reducing administration time.

  • Guest check-in / check-out
  • Guest room move
  • Guest message security
  • Guest dialing directory support (Note: Features are PMS dependent)


  • Multi-level administration
  • Accurate (Atomic Clock) time maintenance
  • Remote maintenance software
  • Diagnostic utilities
  • System event and error logging
  • Automatic system failure notification
  • System reports scheduler

System Enhancements

  • InnCommand fax server
  • InnCharge call accounting
  • PrivateLine DID (Direct Inward Dial) server
  • Mirrored hard drive
  • 911 on-site notification
  • Multiple applications co-resident on InnLine 2020 system

Note: Terms and specifications subject to change without notice. Hardware subject to change with availability. For a complete list of features, refer to the current InnLine Express software feature sheet.

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