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Web Access
Access all your messages through any browser.
Got access to the web? Then you have access to all your voice messages, faxes, and emails in your Microsoft Outlook Inbox through any web browser. And your voice messages are streamed directly to you.

E-Mail Reader
Stay in touch, while traveling light.
As a mobile professional, you no longer need a slow dial up connection or a heavy laptop to access all your messages on the road. Using the latest text-to-speech technology, you can call from anywhere in the world to listen and respond to your e-mails, all in one easy phone call.

Customer Service
Ride the peaks and valleys of call volume with efficiency.
Every business is a center for call activity. And every day has its peaks and valleys in call volume. Your capacity to manage every call with optimal efficiency impacts each customer experience and your bottom line.

Visual Call Management
A clear overview of your world.
See and manage your voice and fax activity all at once, then prioritize in a blink of an eye. VCM is a powerful computer telephone integration tool that delivers live call handling and voice mailbox control conveniently from the desktop.

Fax Distribution
Automate the delivery of your most requested documents.
By allowing callers 24-hour access to your most commonly requesteddocuments, callers will use their keypad to choose which documents they want to receive. And your personnel will be reserved for matters requiring a more human touch.

Fax Mail
Intelligent fax routing to the right destinations.
An incoming fax can be routed directly to your voice mailbox-delivered in a confidential manner-while also allowing you touchtone access to that fax message no matter where you are.

Interactive Voice Response
Give customers more information, faster.
By allowing customers to access database information linked to your phone system, you will provide callers with instant 24-hour access to what they need. Whether you provide order status, account balances, information updates or more, the convenient access to this information can persuade customers to choose you as their provider.

Talking Classifieds
Give customers searchable listings by phone.
List your offerings and allow your customers to search those listings by telephone. Use filtering questions to match customer criteria to the listings that meet their exact needs.

Outbound Telemarketing
Send important messages out to your customers.
You need to keep customers informed about your latest offerings. Use your system's idle time to call out to your customers and deliver your information automatically. When a call is answered you can play a recorded message, transfer to a live agent, send a fax, ask a series of questions and perform other critical functions.

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