Avaya Octel  200/300
Octel 200 and 300 message servers are highly integrated multi-media servers that provide businesses with a comprehensive set of messaging and computer telephony solutions and access to open, flexible data networks. Octel 200/300 servers are available globally in over 80 countries. Octel Serenade™, the standard telephone user interface and feature set, provides fast, convenient access to a broad menu of messaging options, as well as logical and unparalleled ease of use. The Aria™ telephone user interface may also be selected on a user-by-user basis.

Model Capacity
Octel 200 and 300 servers scale as your business grows. "Seat" configurations are available for anywhere from 100 users to 10,000, and every seat comes equipped with both telephone and desktop access to voice and fax messages. Configurations come with all the message storage you need, so you don't have to order more storage every time you add users. Larger user communities can be served by joining multiple message servers into a messaging Domain.

Every seat on an Octel 200 or 300 server comes equipped with both telephone and desktop access to voice and fax messages.

Call Answering
Octel 200/300 offers superior features for handling callers in the best possible manner for each user. Because users have different needs, Octel 200/300 offers choices of the manner in which calls are handled. And when a caller transfers out of voice mail, the Octel 200/300 can let the personal assistant know how to respond when answering.

How You Benefit:

  • Live call answering for urgent calls.
  • If personal assistant unavailable, message is left in originally called mailbox.
  • Configurable for automatic transfer to personal assistant.

Comprehensive Networking
Octel® 250/350 message servers offer Octel Networking™ solutions. Companies can extend messages across their enterprise, whether they do business on a single campus, across the country, or around the world. Networking offerings include Octel Analog and Digital Networking, and AMIS networking. Octel 250/350 message servers can also be part of the INTUITY™ Interchange® network that supports most messaging protocols.

How You Benefit:
Digital/Analog Networking

  • Digital Connectivity to company LAN. Takes advantage of existing data infrastructure, reduces transmission costs, offers faster transmission times and improves voice port throughput for other applications.
  • Analog fallback. Ensures message delivery.
  • SNMP access to message traffic information. Allows administrators to view configuration information and statistics through existing SNMP window.
  • Hot-pluggable LAN interface card. Easy to support with no user interruptions.
  • Message encryption. Improves message security.

AMIS Networking

  • Interoperability between Octel servers and other vendors' systems. Extends basic voice messaging benefits across or between organizations with different vendors' systems.
  • No special hardware. Ensures easy installation with no inconvenience to users.
  • Compatible with low-cost analog lines. Available at all the customer sites.

Fax Messaging
Octel's Fax Messaging works just like voice messaging, giving you the ability to receive, store, and forward faxes from a telephone. Fax Messaging is built right into your Octel system. With fax messaging you can receive faxes with informative voice annotations and print your faxes from anywhere you choose. And from any touch-tone phone, you can forward faxes to other mailboxes, attach a voice introduction to a fax, and save, print, or delete fax messages.

Productivity Applications
The Octel® 250/350 message servers are shipped with OctelAccess™ Software (OAS). OAS supports powerful applications that can be implemented to improve or customize your messaging environment. The OctelDesigner™ application enables developers to build a broad range of applications to help enterprise customers improve customer service and increase employee productivity.

How You Benefit:

  • Delivers application opportunities to customers' organizations.
  • Makes our servers "Solution" ready to meet customers' needs and requirement.
  • Solidifies our customer relationships.
  • Expands customer's existing investment and messaging capabilities.
  • Delivers all the infrastructure needed to access network resources.

Switch Integration
The Octel® 250/350 message servers integrate smoothly with virtually any PBX and hybrid key systems. This means your are not tied to one switch vendor's solution. You can create a messaging network that meets your needs today and tomorrow as your business grows. Avaya's per-port digital integration card provides fast and reliable call answering to meet customers' needs.

How You Benefit:

  • Users can create their own messaging network with any PBX and hybrid key systems.
  • Users saves time when accessing to their mailboxes without having to key in their mailbox numbers.
  • Users can conveniently reply to telephone answering messages without keying in the original senders' mailbox.
  • Users can identify external callers with the ANI feature.
  • Users have the flexibility to answer calls using custom greetings based on busy, no-answer, internal or external call conditions.

System Administration
The Octel® 250/350 message servers are shipped with a Mailbox Manager™ primary package software. Mailbox Manger provides basic functions for creating, deleting and modifying mailboxes. This administration package supports multiple operations and provides:

  • Centralized management to administer multiple message servers from a single application.
  • Scheduling options to make "batch" changes during evenings and weekends when system activity is at its lowest.
  • Reporting and data export tools to allow administrators to see the current state of their mailbox data.
  • Security tools to limit system access to certain users, and to maintain log files of all the changes.

How You Benefit:

  • Provides administrators with a simpler and faster way to handle all of the day-to-day administration tasks.
  • Provides centralized administration for managing multiple message servers.
  • Requires very minimum training of the administrators with the user-friendly interface.

Visual Messenger™
Visual Messenger lets you manage your voice and fax messages from your PC. It provides you with the ability to copy, forward, or respond to your messages quickly and easily. This simple interface allows you to easily see new and saved messages, their source, including the name or number if available, the date and time received, and the length of the message. Icons indicate message type, whether voice or fax or both, and delivery type (e.g. normal, urgent or private). You can type notations next to any entry in your Visual Messenger inbox to remind you of the content of the message. This application provides all mailbox features, address lists and online help, allowing new users to take advantage of mailbox attributes quickly and easily. It also provides point-and-click or drag-and-drip access to system and privates address books, enabling faster voice and fax message addressing, distribution list management, etc.

How You Benefit:

  • Allows users to see the entire mailbox contents at-a-glance. Users can quickly locate, prioritize and respond to important messages without having to move through all messages sequentially.
  • Allows users to view faxes on their own PC for increased privacy and confidentiality.

Voice Messaging
Voice messaging takes you to the next level in answering messages. Not only can you receive, respond, save and forward voice messages, but you can send a message to one or more people, and send broadcast messages. Processing calls is a practical and natural compliment to an e-mail system because telephones are so accessible.

How You Benefit:

  • Provides 24-hour access to voice messages from any telephone.
  • Provides the convenience of receiving messages in a single mailbox.
  • Provides the ability to exchange, reply or forward messages between two or more people using the voice mailboxes.

portalPathway™ Solutions
The portalPathway Solutions offers two optional applications, mailPath™ and mobilePath™.

mailPath lets users listen to their e-mail messages from any telephone. Access to mailPath is directly from the users' voice mailboxes, a great convenience for mobile employees. Users can check their messages from the mailbox main menu using the application access key, allowing them to toggle between voice mail and e-mail without ever having to leave the system. Now everything can be accomplish in one single call, an ideal solution for on-the-go mobile users.

mobilePath lets users program up to three different telephone numbers where they can be reached when out of the office. Callers don't have to try different numbers - mobilePath handles that and locates the user in a swift, convenient process. Should the user be unavailable at any number, the Octel® 250/350 message server saves the message to the user's mailbox.

How You Benefit:

  • Mobile and remote users don't need a PC, Personal Digital Assistance (PDA), or remote network connection to access their e-mail, offering greater flexibility. Only a telephone is required.
  • Mobile employees can access critical client communications anytime, anywhere and provide timely responses, thus improving customer service.
  • Remote users are better informed and can react to market changes faster, allowing you to gain a competitive edge.
  • Mobile users can "reply" or "reply all" to e-mail with a voice mail attachment as if they were at the office, increasing their productivity.
  • Users can remotely access and respond to their e-mail inbox via telephone, eliminating the need to handle those messages when they are back in the office, saving valuable time.


  • Saves mobile and telecommuting workers time by "finding" the worker at his or her specified location, rather than playing "telephone tag."
  • Provides customers with one number to call to reach the person to reduce the time it takes to close the sale and increase revenues.
  • Enables the mobile or telecommuting employees with an easy-to-use voice mailbox and reduces the frustration of dealing with multiple tools, mailboxes and interfaces.
  • Expands the Octel 250/350 message servers' capabilities without additional hardware or PBX integration costs.

www.messenger provides access to voice and fax messages from a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. www.messenger does not require any additional software on users’ desktops. Users who work at different locations (e.g., office and home, headquarter and branch office) or user several different desktops (i.e. Windows, Macintosh or Unix-based computers) will see the same user interface.

How You Benefit:

  • Many customers are trying to eliminate non-standard desktop applications. www.messenger does not require users to install software on their desktop (it is implemented via an Internet server).
  • www.messenger appeals to Internet or computer centric users. Users can send, respond and review all their voice messages without picking up the telephone.
  • Visual interface is user-friendly and does not require any special training.

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