Avaya Octel  250/350

Communication is an essential ingredient of success in today's eBusiness environment. The Octel 250/350 message servers offer enterprise organizations, with very large messaging communities, an unsurpassed solution for meeting current and future voice messaging, fax messaging and call processing needs.

The Octel 250/350 message servers are highly integrated, multi-media messaging systems which provide the enterprise business a comprehensive set of messaging and computer telephony solutions with access to open and flexible data networks. The Aria™ telephone user interface and feature-set provide user-friendly and convenient access to a broad menu of messaging options. Aria is the world's most popular telephone user interface by choice.

Take advantage of the Octel 250/350 message servers to position your company for eBusiness success by strengthening the essentials of communication. Octel 250/350 message servers' unique architecture assures the highest possible up-time by permitting on-going system operation while most of the maintenance procedures take place. LAN backup/restore and Global Redundancy Messaging (GMR) provide further protection against lost messages in the event of an unexpected interruption in service.

eBusiness creates huge growth opportunities - and your message systems need to grow in step. "Seat" configurations are available up to 30,000 users with the Octel 350 message server. Each seat comes equipped with both telephone and desktop access to voice mailbox with fax and client functionality. Under the eBusiness Messaging Offer, configurations come with the maximum number of message hours "authorized" by platform. You do not have to order additional storage hours every time you add new users. Large user communities can be served by joining multiple message servers into a messaging Domain.

eBusiness has arrived. With integrated voice and fax messaging and optional e-mail retrieval, your employees are equipped to respond at the accelerated pace that is here to stay. Take advantage of the Octel 250/350 message servers for the communication capabilities that are essential to the eBusiness success.

Comprehensive Networking
To extend the full benefits of messaging to all the locations and environments in which companies do business, Octel 250/350 servers offer networking options to meet any need. With Octel Analog Networking working solutions, companies can extend messaging across their enterprise, whether they do business on a single campus, across the country, or around the world. A number of choices for exchanging messages with non-Octel systems are available as well. Networking offerings include Octel Analog and Octel Digital networking, and AMIS Analog networking. Octel 250/350 can also be part of an Intuity Interchange network that supports most messaging protocols and can communicate via hub-and-spoke architecture among all Avaya servers plus those from other vendors.

Fax Messaging
Octel's Fax Messaging works just like voice messaging, giving you the ability to receive, store, and forward faxes from a telephone. Fax Messaging is built right into the Octel 250 or 350 server. With fax messaging you can receive faxes with informative voice annotations and print your faxes from anywhere you choose. And from any touch-tone phone, you can forward faxes to other mailboxes, attach a voice introduction to a fax, and save, print, or delete fax messages.

Productivity Applications
Octel 250 and 350 message servers are shipped with OctelAccess Server (OAS) software. OAS supports powerful applications that can be implemented to improve or customize your messaging environment. The OctelDesigner™ Application Development Environment enables developers to build a broad range of applications that help enterprise customers improve customer service and increase employee productivity. These include integrated Web, mobility, integrated call center, information access and delivery, and integrated workflow applications. See Octel Software Solutions for more applications for your Octel message server.

Switch Integration
Octel 250 and 350 message servers integrate smoothly with virtually any PBX and hybrid key system. This means you're not tied to one switch vendor's solution - you can create a messaging network that meets your needs today and grows as your business grows. Per-port digital integration provides fast, reliable call answering and will integrate smoothly with most all PBXs.

Avaya's highly scaleable Octel 250./350 message servers provide companies with a fully customizable solution to a wide variety of messaging needs. Unsurpassed reliability, performance, and flexibility create a dynamic messaging environment with a number of benefits.

  • Easy, powerful, familiar messaging: All Octel 250/350 mailboxes are accessed through a simple to use, logical and yet powerful, telephone user interface.
  • Seamless networked connections: Octel 250/350 networking solutions allow you to offer users throughout your organization consistent voice messaging between locations while extending messaging features available on any single voice message server.
  • Solutions that work for you: Octel message servers give you the flexibility that comes with the broadest range of implementation and support options - from building a messaging network that you administer entirely, to complete outsourcing through Avaya Value Added Services.
  • Bottom line results: With Octel message servers, you'll be able to show quantifiable results from your voice messaging investment, including a noticeable productivity boost, reduced costs, additional income, and streamlined operations.

System Administration
Octel 250/350 message servers are shipped with Mailbox Manager primary package software where available. Mailbox Manager lets administrators to add, move or change mailboxes from a simple, intuitive graphical user interface on a PC. There are three implementation options for Mailbox Manager. You can install it yourself, since Mailbox Manager installation is simpler than ever. It can be installed for you by Unimax, a third party vendor, with either remotely or by having a Unimax representative visit your site to perform the installation.

Visual Messenger
Visual Messenger™ lets you manage your voice and fax messages from your PC. The simple interface allows you to easily view new and saved messages, their source, including the name or number if available, the date and time received, and the length. Icons indicate message type, whether voice or fax or both, and delivery type (e.g., normal, urgent, or private). Visual Messenger provides you with the ability to copy, forward, or respond to your messages quickly and easily. You can type notations next to any entry in your Visual Messenger inbox to remind you of the content of the message.

Voice Messaging
Voice messaging lets you efficiently exchange messages between two or many people, and reply or forward messages to others through voice mailboxes. It makes voice messaging a practical and natural complement to an electronic mail system because telephones are so accessible.

portalPathway Solutions
The optional mailPath application, part of the portalPathway, lets users hear their e-mail messages from any telephone. Access to mailPath is directly from the users' voice mailboxes, a great convenience for mobile employees. Another portalPathway solutions is mobilePath which lets users program up to three different telephone numbers where they can be reached when out of the office. Callers don't have to try different numbers - mobilePath handles that and locates the user in a swift, convenient process. Should the caller be unavailable at any number, Octel 250/350 can then take a message.

www.messenger™ provides access to voice and fax messages from a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. www.messenger does not require deployment of any additional software on users' desktops, and can be used with Macs and Unix workstations in addition to PCs.

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