Call and Message Processing Power
Telekol TVM 2000 TMPTVM-2000 is the most aggressively priced, highquality voice processing system on the market today for small- to medium-sized companies. It brings you the advanced features and superior level of performance you need to project the most professional image to the market.

The TVM-2000 call processing system enhances your phone system with the features you need to keep pace with today's message barrage. TVM-2000 integrates with over 100 leading PBXs through the most advanced integration methods available, including in-band signaling, SMDI, and keyset emulation for Mitel and Norstar switches. Designed for small- to medium-sized companies needing up to 1,000 mailboxes, TVM-2000 effortlessly coordinates your business communications, delivering full-featured voice mail, automated attendant, automatic call distribution, audiotext and fax detection. You can customize and build on the system, adding fax mail, fax-on-demand, multilingual options, vertical application modules, and more.

Voice Mail That Goes Where You Do
Keep customers, prospects and employees in constant touch with TVM-2000's dynamic voice mail system. It plays personal greetings, receives and delivers messages around the clock. With notification through message waiting lights and to off-site beepers and phones, messages are delivered to users regardless of their location. You and your callers have numerous options for listening to and leaving messages. You can select the order in which you listen to messages — fast forwarding, rewinding and pausing messages to make more efficient use of your time. Callers in a hurry can override prompts and greetings or reach a live operator at any time.

Automate With A Personal Touch
TVM-2000's automated attendant gives callers a lively greeting by answering incoming calls automatically with prerecorded greetings, instructions and information. Simple voice prompts guide callers to their destination. Special greetings for time of day and even individual mailboxes can be set. The multitenant ability costeffectively services businesses sharing the same location and telephone switch.

Around The Clock Information
TVM-2000’s audiotext and bulletin-board features let you broadcast routine or time-sensitive information without employing full-time operators. With easy-to-follow voice instructions, the system delivers prerecorded company and product information to callers around the clock.

Fax Mail And Fax-on-Demand
TVM-2000 detects and routes fax messages to fax machines. The fax module receives and stores faxes, time- and date-stamping them for easier perusal. You can manage faxes from any touch-tone phone, retrieve and forward them to other fax mailboxes or fax machines, anywhere in the world.

TVM-2000's fax-on-demand module gives callers a selfservice information library. It lets them retrieve documents containing company or product information around the clock with the touch of a button.

Easy To Set Up
Simplicity is the byword for TVM-2000 installation and a d m i n i s t r a t i o n. Preprogrammed default settings, voice instruction and menus direct administrators and users in setting up system and mailbox attributes. You can program and maintain your TVM-2000 system onsite or remotely, using a touch-tone telephone, workstation or laptop all while the system remains online.

Special Switches
If you have a Mitel COV or Northern Telecom Norstar switch, we have developed special integration solutions for your business. Using licensed technology, the TVM-2000 COV version of the system seamlessly integrates with your Mitel PBX, and the TVM-2000 NTEL version of the system seamlessly integrates with your Northern Telecom Norstar, emulating M7310 extensions.

Max Ports

Auto Attendant/Voice Mail
Mailbox Owner/Caller Functions
ACD Functionality
Automatic Operator Access
Blind/Non-Supervised Call Transfer
Supervised Call Transfer
Busy, No Answer Greetings
Call Screening
Call Recording
Call Queuing
Day Transfer Only
Dial-by-Name or Ext. Number
Direct Mailbox Access
DTMF Call Progress (MiniTel)
Fax Detection (CNG)
Flexible Call Handling Functions
Flexible Extension Numbers
Multiple Greeting Messages
Multitenant applications
Notify Before Connect
Number of Rings to Answer
Overhead Paging
Prompt/Greeting Override
Quick Disconnect Options
Subscriber-Set Options
Universal 'O' for Operator
Append to Messages
Auto Login
Automatic Message Forwarding (MiniTel)
Busy/No Answer Greetings (MiniTel)
Cascade Notification
Delayed Notification
Fast Forward, Rewind or Pause
Flexible Message Recording Time
Follow Me
Forward Messages
Message Count
Message Delete/Un-Delete (MiniTel)
Message Waiting Light
Message Receipt Confirmation
New/Old Message Notification
Order of Messages
Outbound Message Notification
Outbound Notification to Beeper
Purge Time
Send Messages
Skip New Messages (MiniTel)
Time and Date Stamp
Urgent Message Delivery Option
Volume Control (MiniTel)
Administrator-Set System Prompts
Administrator Recorded System (TMP)
Automatic Maintenance
Automatic Sys. Integrity Check
Configurable Number of Retries on No DTMF
Easy Mailbox Duplication
Flexible Classes of Service
Keyboard and Monitor Control
Multilevel Access Code Security
Online Administration
Preprogrammed Default Settings
Quick Reset of Default Settings
Real-time Display of System Activity
Remote Maintenance
Reports and Logs
System Backup Options
Touch-Tone Telephone Programming
Unlimited Recording Time Length (TMP)
Voice Prompts for Setup
TMP Fax Mail/Fax-on-Demand
Mailbox Types
Multilingual Package
Definable Number of Documents per Call
Fax Count, Fax Pages
ACD Group
Broadcast Group
Operator/General Delivery
Dispatch Group
Retrieval Group
Question & Answer
Voice Prompts in Languages

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