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TVM 2002 Provides a foundation for managing voice and fax effectively. The most popular components in this feature-rich module include: automated attendant, voice mail, audiotext, fax detection, and simplified administrative management. Recognizing the important role speech plays in the daily interaction between people, especially in business communications, Telekol Intelligent Applications brings the power of speech to its intelligent communications solutions through TVM 2002 Speech Rec software. TVM 2002 Speech Rec is state-of-the-art speech recognition technology that enables our TVM 2002 (for WinNT) intelligent communications servers to understand speech.

Advanced Speech Call Routing
All businesses strive to greet their customers professionally and quickly. Telekol understands the importance of this interaction between the customer and an organization and developed an advanced call routing solution to manage this critical relationship. The application smoothly and promptly guides callers to the right person or department. Callers simply speak the name of the person or department they want, and transfer to the correct extension is immediate. If callers don't know with whom they need to speak, they simply say "Operator" and help is on the way. The application includes the following key features:

  • High confidence factor - using the "bull'seye" feature ensures the caller is being transferred to the requested individual.
  • Alternate Names List - lets administrator enter nicknames and/or phonetic spellings of difficult-to-pronounce names.
  • Text-to-speech support - enables the administrator to confirm how the TVM Speech interprets the entered names.
  • Barge-in - allows callers to bypass the instructions of the call-routing system and speak the person's name while instructions are playing.
  • Easy database administration - mailbox owners are automatically included in the call routing system.

TVM Speech Speaks For Itself
Speech recognition is becoming the preferred interface by end users for all voice-based communications. Adding a natural language speech interface to intelligent communications solutions makes sound business sense for a number of reasons:

  • It has a user-friendly interface. Users comfortably communicate as they always have - by speaking.
  • Customers have access to your employees any time, even when your operator can't be available such as during busy periods or after hours.
  • Because users are more comfortable with the speech interface, the communications solutions you implement within your organization are more readily accepted. Speed of acceptance leads to a faster return on the investment of the solution.
  • In addition to an improved return on investment, employee productivity is also enhanced since communications can be faster and more efficient.
  • When customers or other callers contact your business, they can be directed to the appropriate individual more efficiently, helping to improve customer satisfaction and minimize telecommunications costs. Reducing telecom minutes can add up over a year's time, but more importantly, a satisfied customer can add up to a lifetime of business.
  • It can speed up internal communications by giving employees easy access to a name directory and eliminating the need to look up extensions.
  • By adding speech as the front-end interface to your voice-based applications, you extend the scope of influence you have throughout your organization and the impact you can have on the bottom line. There is virtually no limit to where speech can be applied within your organization.

However you want to integrate speech within your applications, let us know. Whatever your need, we can custom tailor solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Voice Mail That Works For You
Customers, prospects, and employees can all use TVM 2002 to stay in touch with one another. The system plays personal greetings, records messages, and delivers confidential messages around the clock.

TVM 2002 automatically forwards calls and messages to overhead pagers or off-site beepers and phones. You'll never miss important communications again, no matter where you are. You can also program your voice mail to automatically transfer to an assistant's, secretary's or colleague's voice mailbox when you're unavailable. Time-sensitive messages are sure to get an immediate audience with TVM 2002.

Flexible Message Access and Control
TVM 2002's voice mail offers you and your callers numerous options for listening to and leaving messages. You can select the order in which you listen to messages, and you can fast forward, rewind and pause messages during playback to make more efficient use of your time. You can even control the playback volume of messages, a feature particularly useful if you're checking messages from a noisy airport phone or the cellular phone in your car. Messages can be marked 'urgent' or 'private' so that you will be notified of time- or content-sensitive messages. Callers in a hurry to leave a message can override prompts and greetings or reach a live operator at any time. TVM 2002 also incorporates valuable two-way call recording - an ideal tool for documenting negotiations, call center transactions and other critical conversations.

Automate Call Processing With A Personal Touch
TVM 2002's automated attendant automatically and efficiently answers incoming calls with pre-recorded greetings, instructions and information. Specific greetings can even be recorded for specific mailboxes, holidays or specific times of day - a personal touch that demonstrates your commitment to making your customers and prospects feel welcome.

Tightly Integrates With Your Telephone System
TVM 2002's automated attendant interface integrates with more than 100 leading PBXs to supplement or substitute your live operators. Easy-to-follow voice prompts guide callers to their destination. Automatic call distribution (ACD) allows calls to a single incoming line to be routed to dozens of employees within particular departments. Hold options allow callers on hold to be notified as to where they are in the hold queue and to how long they will have to wait. These are simple courtesies that yield big results - fewer frustrated customers and fewer hang-ups.

The automated attendant includes multitenant functions that let TVM 2002 cost-effectively service several businesses or departments sharing the same location and telephone switch.

Around The Clock Information
TVM 2002's audiotext and bulletin-board features let you deliver pre-recorded company and product information to callers around the clock. Simple voice instructions direct callers to the appropriate mailbox or extension. Set up separate audiotext mailboxes for daytime and non-business hours to deliver superior customer service without hiring additional staff.

Easy Set Up With Online Programming
Simplicity is the byword for installation and administration of your TVM 2002. Pre-programmed factory default settings, voice instruction and menus direct administrators and users in setting up system and mailbox attributes. You can program and maintain your TVM 2002 system on-site or remotely, using a touch-tone telephone, workstation or laptop. No need to shut down to perform administrative maintenance—you can do it while the system stays on-line taking calls.

Take Charge of Communications
TVM 2002 helps you take charge of your call and message processing needs. You'll never miss an important call and you'll always have access to all of your messages whether you are in your office or on the road. TVM 2002 is available around the clock, from any location. With TVM 2002 you'll be amazed how much more productive you can be.

TVM 2002 for NT: Building Intelligent
Communications Solutions For The Future
The TVM 2002 is a multimedia, multi-application intelligent communications server designed to meet your needs today while providing cutting-edge upgrade options for tomorrow. Because TVM 2002 is built using open standards and a scalable architecture, it can be customized to support the specific application needs of any business.

With the TVM 2002 and our family of intelligent communications solutions, you can have all the features and functionality you require at the best price/performance ratio available. The message is simple, our intelligent communications solutions give you the power to communicate your way.

Auto Attendant/Voice Mail
Administrative Features
Mailbox Owner/Caller Functions
ACD Functionality
Administrator Imposed Password Length
Automatic Holiday Schedule
Automatic Operator Access
Blind/Non Supervised Call Transfer
Call Screening
Call Queuing
Configurable Number of Rings Before Answer
Day Transfer Only
Dial-by-Name or Extension Number
Direct Mailbox Access
Fax Detection (CNG), Routing and Notification
Flexible Call Handling Functions
Flexible Extension Nos.
Multiple Greeting Messages
Multiple Operator Mailboxes
Multi-Tenant Applications
Notify Before Connect
Overhead Paging
Prompt/Greeting Override
Quick Disconnect Options
Subscriber-Set Options
Supervised Call Transfer
Universal “O” Operator
Variable Number of Mailbox Digits
Administrator Recorded System Prompts
Automatic Maintenance and Integrity Check
Configurable Number Of Retries On No DTMF
Easy Mailbox Duplication
Full Administrative Control
Keyboard and Monitor Control
Multi-Level Access Code Security
On-Line Administration
Pre-Programmed Default Settings
Quick Reset to Default Settings
Real-time Display of System Activity
Remote Maintenance
Reports and Logs
System Backup Options
Touch-Tone Telephone Programming
Unlimited Recording Time Length
Voice Prompts For Set-up
Append to Messages
Automatic Message Forwarding
Auto Login
Busy / No Answer Greetings
Call Recording
Cascade Notification
Delayed Notification
Fast Forward, Rewind, or Pause
Flexible Message Recording Time
Follow Me (Call Forwarding)
Forward Messages
Message Count
Message Delete/Undelete
Message (Waiting Light) Notification
Message Receipt Confirmation
New/Old Message Notification
One-Touch Reply to Messages
Order of Messages (LIFO, FIFO)
Outbound Message Notification
Outbound Notification To Beeper
Private Message Delivery
Purge Time
Send Messages
Skip New Messages
Time and Date Stamp
Urgent Message
Volume Control (Message Playback)
Mailbox Types
ACD Group
Broadcast Group
Day/Night Operator
Dispatch Group
Everyone Group
Question & Answer
Retrieval Group
Voice Mail Only

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