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Adaptable Integrated Communications

Many companies that once depended on a variety of net-working platforms have migrated to Microsoft Windows NT because of its high reliability, excellent performance and ease of use. Other telecom manufacturers have followed suit with their product offerings, however, the majority don't take full advantage of NT's superior architecture. As a result, they fall short of meeting their users' needs. VSR is about to change that. Introducing CommPoint. The intelligent, NT-based communications server designed to dramatically improve your customer service and increase the productivity of your workforce.

An Intelligent Communications Server
CommPoint's "intelligent" architecture is a powerful, flexible, open and scalable communications server. The system delivers superior functionality, through its unique client/server architecture, maximum performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility. It uses standards-based technologies and protocols, allowing you to leverage what your network administrators already know. CommPoint is based on industry standards and is compatible with existing workstations, databases and networks. Its open architecture allows for an expand-able feature set through a variety of custom applications. The system's intelligence accommodates adaptability to your business needs.

CommPoint is designed to support integrated messaging, desktop call control, fax server capabilities, voice mail, IP-based telephony (VoIP) and interactive voice response (IVR) by integrating your telephone system to your local-area network (LAN). It leverages the systems you already have in place, and grows as your organization expands.

Advanced Server Functionality
CommPoint seamlessly integrates and delivers a variety of messaging and information formats efficiently. Its architecture consists of four primary modules:

The Port Server acts as the "traffic cop." This module provides voice and other services to all CommPoint modules. Applications communicate to devices through Port Server, simplifying administration and scal-ability.

The Mail Server performs "post office" functionality. Designed to quickly route packets of information, this module supports all of the systems mailbox-based applications.

The Outdial Scheduler Server supervises "flow control," managing the schedule of outgoing telephone and pager notification events, in addition to other outbound calls.

The Integration Server acts as the "interpreter" to the telephone system. This module lets CommPoint intelligently translate communication protocols for more than 200 telephone systems.

The system resides on your network like any other client, using your LAN's security umbrella. This means you can backup, protect, and monitor CommPoint as you would any other device. Though integrated with your LAN, the system performs all voice processing locally. If the network is unavailable, calls are still answered and messages are delivered.

Centralized Administration & Management
CommPoint's user-friendly screens allow your administrator to easily configure the system. Administration may be performed without interruption of service either locally or remotely. Any computer on the LAN can function as a management workstation. Additionally, your administrator can manage the system remotely via Windows NT Remote Access Service (RAS) or VSR's Remote Maintenance Package (RMP).

CommPoint's report wizard makes reporting tasks easy to perform. The Crystal Reports-based engine allows any report to be quickly created or changed. Information gathered by the systems various modules can be compiled, summarized and printed effortlessly.

What an Intelligent Server Should Deliver
There are numerous products on the market with various feature sets offering limited capabilities. CommPoint's powerful feature package extends far beyond what is typically found in the marketplace today. The following is a condensed list of the important features you need to ensure a proper return on your investment.

Designed as a high-density voice mail, call processing and e-mail platform, the system adapts to user communities and traffic volume capacities of virtually any size.

User Customization
Users have the ability to customize their preferences by using the WinVM desktop interface or the traditional telephone interface. "Call Answering Steps" can be used to create and customize menu options, play custom and user recordable prompts and transfer calls to alternative destinations. Users can control these steps based on the time of day or day of week.

Multiple Tenant/Department Support
With CommPoint, you can logically separate mailbox users into individual groups. Additionally, you can designate separate call routing options, time schedules and attendants, supporting full tenant sharing.

Enhanced Message Notification
The system can be configured to notify each user independently of new messages at multiple destinations. Up to 36 unique telephone or pager numbers can be programmed and controlled each at specific times and days. CommPoint can also send a text message to an email client or IP address such as web enabled pagers, mobile telephones and PDA's, notifying users that new voice mail has arrived.

One-number Follow Me
"One-number follow me" allows the system to deliver a call to you by out dialing to a list of numbers you define, such as a cellular telephone. For your busy life style and many important calls, finding you is far better than simply leaving a message.

Integrated Messaging
Using the WinVM application, you can view both voice mail and e-mail messages from your desktop. WinVM lets you simply "point and click" to retrieve, respond and forward your messages. WinVM also lets you change your personal options from your computer in addition to using a touch-tone telephone.

Future Delivery
CommPoint allows newly recorded messages to be sent at a later time or date. Both mailbox owners and outside callers can use this capability. This feature is especially useful for meeting requests and appointment reminders.

Internet Messaging
CommPoint offers an SMTP gateway that forwards your voice mail messages as e-mail attachments. Using this technology, you can easily check your voice mail using any Internet connection.

Enhanced Connectivity
The system's powerful and flexible architecture supports multiple analog, proprietary digital, T-1 and ISDN network configurations in a single server and can accommodate multiple telephone systems simultaneously.

The Choice for Intelligent Communication Solutions
VSR - the leader in the industry with a broad range of solutions to meet your needs.

VSR's CommPoint continues the company's tradition of providing scalable communication products by which businesses can freely share voice and e-mail messages, as well as supporting fax capabilities, regardless of a person's location or medium.

VSR is dedicated to providing you with intelligent choices for all your communication needs. CommPoint meets and exceeds expectations and provides you with the answers you've been looking for. CommPoint delivers powerful features, flexibility, intelligence and scalability all in a user-friendly environment designed with you in mind.

VSR is a global leader in the development of integrated communications software. VSR produces software and systems that provide integrated messaging, voice mail, advanced call routing, and IP-based telephony solutions. These products deliver high performance, scalable computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions to networked-based and stand-alone enterprise business environments.

Every day people are flooded with a variety of communications and information. As technology advances, the amount of information will continue to grow. VSR empowers you with the necessary tools to manage this growth by providing a simple, convenient and efficient method for managing who communicates, what medium is used and when information will be exchanged.

Tested & Approved
CT Labs TestedCommPoint has successfully passed voice mail system product tests administered by CT Labs. CT Labs is an independent testing and certification laboratory with a CT product focus. CT Labs performed a suite of tests and analysis on the CommPoint product in the following areas: product performance, product documentation, ease of installation, on-line help, telephone user interface, and graphical user interface. For details on how these tests were conducted, go to the CT Labs Tested area at

VSR CommPoint: Adaptable Integrated Communications

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