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The Voicentre products architecture is powerful, flexible and scalable. They deliver maximum performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility. Voicentre and Voicentre Express use the exact same software. All features are available on both hardware platforms. The differentiating factor is port capacity. Voicentre grows from 2 to 24 ports, while Voicentre Express is available in 2-12 port configurations only. These two platforms offer maximum feature performance to meet both cost and functionality demands. Voicentre and Voicentre Express are proven robust PC-based communication systems designed with you in mind.

Start Delivering...
your company's calls quickly and accurately. The Automated Attendant application will deliver calls to the right person, the first time. Callers can easily navigate through customized selections or use the directory option, giving them control over their own destiny.

Start Working Smarter, Not Harder...
Let the systems do the hard work, so you don't have to. It acts as your personal assistant; answering calls with your personalized greeting and allowing callers to leave messages when you're not available. Your messages can be delivered when you want them and where you need them, eliminating the need to constantly check for messages. This allows you the freedom to spend your time devoted to working on the business, rather than in the business.

Start Reaping the Benefits...
of your return on investment. Voicentre will quickly reimburse you with its performance, growth capability, flexible feature offering and migration path for future generation technology. This ensures that the value of your investment today is an investment in tomorrow as well.

Start Doing...
things your way. With the Voicentre product family, you have the necessary tools to provide you with the freedom of choice. Choose to have the new user tutorial do training for you. Choose to deliver your information to multiple users by utilizing distribution lists. Choose to get your time back.

Start Thinking...
about how to use the free time and resources now available. The system can lighten your work load using its Audiotext option to deliver the answers to commonly asked questions such as directions, company address and contact information, hours of operation, fax and telephone numbers just to name a few. Using the Question and Answer feature you can customize the questions and response types. The system can prompt callers for frequently needed information or perform an automated survey providing you with convenient and accurate information.

VSR Voicentre & Voicentre Express: Flexible Solutions

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