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The most powerful and intelligent Call Center Message Announcement
and Content Delivery Application available.

Smart Queue is a intelligent messaging announcement and content delivery package for call centers and hotels. The application provides an extensive array of features for the delivery of Information to callers, as well as call center agents and managers. Smart Queue is available as a stand alone application, a software add on to the CommPoint Unified Communications server or as an application residing on the PraireFyre CyberACD CD server. Smart Queue is scalable solution utilizing cutting edge advanced VoiceXML technology. VSR developed its VoiceXML Interface to bring the advantages of Internet development and content delivery to call center applications.

In a traditional call center environment, Smart Queue provides recorded announcement device (RAD) messages, enabling call centers to provide Information to callers while they sit to be connected to an agent. In addition to messaging, the application can perform m a multitude of advanced call routing operations to assist the caller in receiving the desired Information or be routed to the appropriate destination.

Smart Queue can also provide real time statistical information to callers and call center supervisors. Through a seamless Integration to the PraireFyre CyberACD contact center application, callers can receive Information regarding expected wait time, how many call are in queue, and longest call waiting. Call center supervisors can call into the system, enter the queue they would like Information on and receive real time Information about that queue. Some of the information the supervisor can receive Is expected alt time, how many callers are In queue, longest call waiting, calls answered, calls abandoned, average time to abandon, and percent: answered.


Adjustable Recording Length
Each announcement message has its own set of limits. Within the limits tab is the maximum message length. This field can be adjusted per user or group of users. The recording message length is limitless, only restricted by storage capacity of the hard disk.

Answer Modes
The system can be preprogrammed to have 99 different answer modes or “personalities” to accommodate a multitude of routing and message delivery options.

Automated Attendant
The Automated Attendant can answer all incoming calls or act as a backup/overflow agent through a series of recorded menu options to help callers reach their desired destination. Over 100,000 menus and routing options can be accommodated, providing virtually any combination of menu and routing option conceivable.

CPExplorer gives you the power to configure and administer Smart Queue, generate reports, monitor system activities locally for the Smart Queue server, any workstation on the LAN, remotely using either a Windows NT RAS connection or from VSR’s Remote Maintenance Package. The left panel of the CPExplorer main window provides a hierarchical view of the entire system, with the ability to expand and collapse each component to reveal or conceal its subcomponents. The right panel displays the subcomponents of the component that is selected in the left panel.

Post Office
Post office is the component for configuration of companies/partitions and mailboxes. A company/partition is the unit that contains a group of mailboxes that are connected to the same system. It may represent an actual company or organization, or a smaller unit such as a department or work group. Post office contains one or more companies, and each company contains one or more mailboxes.

SMTP Gateway
SMTP Gateway allows you to configure the Internet connection for your server on the CommPoint system.

Line Groups
Line Groups are where you create and modify groups of outbound lines. Line groups are used to identify one or more system lines as a group with a symbolic name.

Incoming Call Routing
Incoming Call Routing is for setting up inbound call routes for one or more applications. For each call route you may select options such as the types of calls accepted, times available, and enabled days.

Ports is the area for configuration of all ports on the system. From Ports you may change any port settings including type of PBX Integration used, application options, transfers, and outdialing. Each port can be individually programmed to utilize inband, DNIC, SMDI, time of day, day of week, or day of year.

Inband Integration
Inband Integration lets you modify the definitions of the inband integrations that have been installed on the CommPoint system. This modification includes editing key sequence patterns of each signaling condition, setting the number of keys and time allowed for receiving PBX digits, and importing or exporting inband definitions.

Phrase Libraries
Phrase Libraries contains the various phrases installed on the system.

Custom Prompt Recording
Menu Prompts and Greetings can be recorded and edited quickly and easily through the user’s mailbox using a touchtone telephone. The system administrator, using CommPoint’s Recorder utility, can also record system/user prompts. As an option VSR can also provide custom prompt, greeting, and on hold information from our recording studio using professional voice talent in various languages.

Day of Week Messaging
Smart Queue can be configured to route callers and play messages based upon the day of week.

Date Based Messaging ling
This option allows Smart Queue to play specific messages on specific dates. This is typically used for holidays days or special occasions.

Easily Constructed Incoming Call Routing / Call Answering
Menus can be east constructed and maintained onsite or remotely. Outgoing information, extension/mailbox directories, call transfers, access to voicemail, etc., may be quickly set up and modified when needed for Automated Attendant use as well as per user.

Flexible Extension Mailbox Length
Extension and mailbox numbers can be programmed in variable lengths, ranging from two to eighteen digits. Extensions and Mailboxes can include numerical digits 0-9, asterisks (*), and pound symbols (#).

Menu Prompt Recording
Menu prompts can either her be recorded through any touch tone telephone either on or off site, or they can a imported from another medium such as file, cassette, or DAT tape. Messages are recorded at 64KBPS, ensuring the highest quality.

Multiple or Single Greetings
Users can record single or multiple mailbox greetings. Multiple greetings may extend up to the predefined quantity, in the limits tab, per mailbox; each greeting may be activated as desired. Up to 9 messages can be prerecorded in advance.

Multiple Tenant / Department Support
CommPoint can logically separate mailbox users into individual groups. Additionally, separate call routing options, time schedules, and attendants can be designated, supporting full tenant sharing.

On/Off Site Mailbox Programming and Recording
Users can internally or remotely program mailbox features through touch tone telephones. Programming capabilities include recording or editing mailbox greetings, changing / editing the mailbox mode, and distribution lists.

Online Maintenance
Maintenance operations can be performed without interrupting service. With online maintenance you can program all administration including mailboxes, limits, and enhanced notification. All Maintenance operations can be performed on site or off site via RAS or using the included remote maintenance package.

Password Protection
Mailboxes may be a signed a fixed or variable length password, or no password. Passwords can be from 1 to 20 digits in length.

VSR Smart Queue for CommPoint: The most powerful and intelligent
Call Center Message Announcementand Content Delivery Application available.

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